Four Reasons to Invest in Andheri East

With the increasing number of opportunities in Mumbai, there has been a stellar growth of home buyers and real estate investors in the city. Known as the financial capital of the country, Mumbai has one of the city’s most prominent places of business and commerce is the suburbs in the form of Andheri East. Due to this, there has been a rising demand for residential complexes here. It is a known fact that Mumbai Real Estate is one of the most profitable investments. There are quite a few reasons why Andheri East is considered as a lucrative location for a thriving lifestyle in Mumbai. 

Let us try and understand a few of them.


Andheri East is known to have an established and well-maintained infrastructure of public transport, educational institutions, hospitals and other utilities. The availability of metro connectivity makes travelling to any part of the city, an affair of just a few minutes. Moreover, there are plenty of roads that are interconnected, flyovers, etc. that make it easier to find several routes to reach a particular destination. The domestic and international airports are just a couple of kilometres away, making it possible to travel across the country and well as the world.

Presence of Business Centres

With the presence of multiple small, medium and large enterprises, a property in Andheri East is apt for the working professionals. For investors, it becomes easier to find tenants as this is a sought-after place for accommodation. With the growing demand for homes in this locality, projects like Mahindra Vicino by Mahindra Lifespaces provide excellent homes at an affordable price at this location.

Availability of Lifestyle Choices

Residents of this area enjoy the premium quality of life due to the presence of various lifestyle centres for recreational or educational purposes. Schools, hospitals, shopping centres from both local as well as international vendors are available just a walk away.

High Return on Investment

Investing in a project in Andheri East is known to provide immense returns owing to the location benefits. It is because of the growing significance of this area in the present as well as in the future. The various developments in this area have led to an increase in prices of both residential and commercial projects, thus benefiting the real estate investors here. Mahindra Vicino is one such residential project that offers premium 2 BHKs from ₹2.16 Cr.*.

The ongoing research and planning for setting up the base of various IT related international companies in this place are going to pave the way for much more development here. As a result, real estate experts suggest that this is one of the most suitable opportunities to invest in real estate for a property in Andheri East. If you are interested in benefiting from this escalating development, then nothing should hold you back from finding your abode in 2 BHK flats in Andheri East created by Mahindra Vicino.

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