Four Top Ways to Upgrade Your Property’s Pool

Four Top Ways to Upgrade Your Property’s Pool in 2023

Though there was a bit of a lull a few years back, hotels and tourism are back to all-time highs. This means more people heading out and splurging on the experiences that they missed out on for almost two years, if not more. If you’re experiencing a huge amount of volume at your hotel, then you shouldn’t waste the opportunity before you. Yes, they may be splurging on your hotel right now, but unless it stays trendy with modern amenities, that interest will eventually die down.

You need to reinvest your profits now, and one of the best places to do just that is in your facility’s pool and spa amenities. A great pool and spa can act as a great secondary income, just by offering day passes and opening up your spa to the public. Offer a day pass price, great package deals, and more for non-staying guests. For your hotel guests, offer all of these either included in the room rate, or alternatively at a discount.

Before you think about pricing at all, however, you’ll want to follow this guide to upgrade your property’s pool ASAP:

Deep Clean and Repair

You don’t need to dig out your pool and install a new one — at least, not quite yet. What you do need to do, however, is fill in any cracks, get rid of any stains, and just clean it up and give it a new lease on life in general. If the repairs are so extensive that you might as well be giving your pool a facelift, then do it! If it’s just a bit tired looking, but other than that has a lot of potential, then save your money and just fix it. You’ll get more value out of changing up the furniture, the décor, and by upgrading your view instead.

Maximize the View

If your hotel is in a good location, and your rooms offer a brilliant view out onto the natural surroundings, then you need to maximize that view as much as you can. It doesn’t matter if your pool is outdoors or indoors. You need to hack it so that the space gets that same great view that your windows do. To do this, start by simply changing out those safety fences with these glass railing systems for pools instead. Having a glass fence means adhering to the safety requirements without blocking that stunning view.

Use Nature for Décor

When it comes to decorating your pool, look to nature. Add bushes, trees, and flowers around the space. You can do a lot with planters alone. While yes, adding real plants to your space will require more in terms of upkeep, they can really do wonders when it comes to framing, adding privacy, and adding luxury to your pool’s design.

Upgrade the Furniture

Anything that guests touch should feel luxurious. It should also be heavy duty to withstand regular use. That’s why you’ll likely need to upgrade your furniture options. Strong, solid furniture looks great, is more comfortable, and will really pull together your total design.

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