Get Free VPN for Firestick and Smart Ways to Tackle Netflix detects VPN

Get Free VPN for Firestick and Smart Ways to Tackle Netflix detects VPN

Amazon Firestick and Fire TV are excellent plug-and-play devices, which enable online streaming of HD content. There is no surprise that the users appreciate the versatility and simplicity of your online media streams like Amazon platforms. However, now there is a lot of geo-restriction, so the content gets blocked in some regions. For the users, here is a smart way to bypass this ISP detection of your location and content blockage by using a good VPN.

As Firestick does not have access to the Google Play store, you may have to do the sideloading of a VPN APK app. Keeping this in mind, a VPN can provide you direct download of the APK file. The latest version of Firestick supports many Bluetooth peripherals. You may also use your smartphone as the Firestick mouse. Here come the top options in Free VPN for Firestick.

1. Surfeasy

Surfeasy is owned by Opera, which features about 1000 servers in 28 countries and offers excellent speed. There is also a free plan, limited to only 500 MB, but you can expand the free data limit by posting Surfeasy links on social media. It also comes bundled with a tracker blocker. The provider offers a dedicated app for Firestick and also ensures AE256 military-grade encryption.

2. Finch VPN

This is an OpenVPN GUI, which you can sideload to Firestick. The provider also offers an easy to understand installation guide, which is not complicated at all. There are free plans which offer 3GB data monthly, and there are 50 servers at 20 countries.

Netflix detection of VPN

ISPs sniff your internet traffic, and at many places, they also implement some restrictions over it to limit your access. However, when your traffic goes through a VPN server, it gets encrypted and goes through a different IP, so the sniffers will not be able to track it. When a VPN server forwards the data, the destination server will see the request coming from a different IP address instead of your original IP.

All the VPN providers use a datacenter for service hosting. Data centers usually offer bandwidth much cheaper and provide unrelenting power. ISPs use various IP blockers for the datacenters than general business services. So, Netflix detects VPN may not be able to block the datacenters wholly based on the IPs.

Best VPNs to beat Netflix VPN Ban

ExpressVPN – An idealNetflix VPN with which you can access content from any country. They offer VPN usage with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

NordVPN — It is a great Netflix VPN for US users as well as it is the best VPN for Netflix.

VyprVPN — It can unblock Netflix content by keeping the user undetected.

Cyberghost — An ideal VPN for Netflix to stream content in Europe

PIA — Offering a cheap VPN by enabling multiple simultaneous connections.

Every country has its own customized Netflix library, which will allow you to access unlimited content through a VPN use by broadening your reach. Some other good options for Firestick VPN are and BlackVPN etc.

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