GoGoPDF: A Simple Guide To GoGoPDF’s Most Useful Tools Right Now

GoGoPDF is a beneficial PDF site wherein you can use it to do all of your PDF tasks such as converting, managing, optimizing, protecting, and sending PDF files. One thing that you should also consider GoGoPDF is being a free, open-source site, which means you can access and use all of its features for free. Here’s a simple guide to some of GoGoPDF’s tools.

GoGoPDF PDF Split Tool

Here’s a quick guide on how to split a PDF using GoGoPDF’s most reliable splitting tool. There are many ways for you to break your PDF using GoGoPDF’s tool. You can get your file directly from your Dropbox; you can also upload a file from your computer. Besides the two options, you can also get your file from your OneDrive account.

After choosing which option you want, you can then split your PDF. With this tool, you don’t need to wait for long hours in order for your file or PDF to be divided. You only need to wait for at least a few seconds or minutes, and your PDF will be ready for download. Talking about downloading your file, you can easily download your file back to your computer.

GoGoPDF also provides a very reliable cloud storage system, which means you can easily access the site and its tools anytime you want. You also don’t need to install any application in order to run GoGoPDF’s tools, which makes it very convenient. It will also protect your PDF with a high-level security system to minimize information theft.

GoGoPDF PDF Repair Tool

A damaged or corrupted PDF file can be very irritating, mainly if the particular file contains invaluable information. To settle this kind of issue or problem, GoGoPDF created the most reliable PDF file repair tool. GoGoPDF’s PDF Repair tool is rated to have the highest PDF repair percentage compared to other repair tools on the internet right now.

To set a proper expectation, sometimes a particular corrupted or damaged PDF file will not be fixed by GoGoPDF’s repair tool, which goes the same with other PDF fixer or repair tool online. That’s because sometimes a specific PDF has been damaged or corrupted heavily.

This tool is your best pick out there right now. Never settle for a low-quality and untrusted PDF site. Always remember that advertising and marketing strategies can be very deceiving sometimes. Often than not, you might deal more damage to your PDF by choosing a not so reliable PDF tool online.

GoGoPDF Share Document/PDF

Here’s a simple guide for you to share your document or PDF faster and easier. With GoGoPDF’s PDF sharing tool, you can directly send any PDF file you want by copying the link that GoGoPDF will provide you and sending it to your recipients such as your co-workers and classmates, friend, family member, or anyone.

GoGoPDF PDF Protect Tool

Nowadays, everyone isn’t as secure compared to before. People with bad intentions have many ways to steal information from you. It will be worse if that information is critical, such as company financial records, reports, or even presentations. To lessen the chance of you experiencing this kind of trouble, you need to protect your PDF.

With GoGoPDF’s PDF Protect tool, you can easily add a password to any PDF you want to protect, such as your presentation, reports, and other essential PDF files that you have. You also don’t need to download any application, you just transfer your file to GoGoPDF, and GoGoPDF will ask you to input your unique password to the system.

After adding your unique password to GoGoPDF’s system, your PDF will finalize, and it will be ready for download in less than an hour of waiting. When the process is completed, keep your password and remember it always. If there’s an instance that you might forget your password, retrieving your file will be very difficult.

GoGoPDF Unlock PDF Tool

A password-protected PDF file is convenient, especially if you don’t want another person to see or view your file or if you’re hiding something confidential. However, it’s also a little irritating sometimes that you need to type your password or code every time you want to check or open your file. To fix that kind of issue, here’s GoGoPDF’s PDF Unlock tool.

GoGoPDF created this unique tool so you can remove your PDF’s password if in case you’re already tired of typing it every time you want to open your file. But of course, you also need to contemplate that once you remove or unlock your file using GoGoPDF’s Unlocking tool, your file will now be vulnerable to other people.

Takeaway Compared to other PDF sites, GoGoPDF provides tons of tools and features that are very useful for your day-to-day PDF tasks. It also has a user-friendly interface, which you can easily surf through all of GoGoPDF’s tools without trouble. All of its features can be accessed for free. Without a doubt, GoGoPDF is the best PDF tool as of now.

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