Guide to Benefits of Green Tea you Should not Miss Out

benefits of green tea

Green Tea has numerous benefits rather than just weight loss. It’s a great source of various anti-oxidants and vitamins which adds a glow to your skin, improves hair growth and also helps in curing various diseases.

Green Tea is made from camellia sinesis leaves and is being used as a medicine from centuries in India and China. 

There are various benefits of green tea which includes

Check the various benefits of Green Tea in detail in the article below :

Benefits of Green Tea for Skin

Benefits of Green Tea for Skin

Who doesn’t love a glowing skin without any pores and spots. Well Green Tea may help you in achieving it.


We all love looking younger than our age but junk food, smoking, drinking and environmental pollution are having very harsh impacts on the skin causing premature skin aging. 

Green Tea is a rich source of Vitamin B2 and Vitamin E which helps in maintaining the youthfulness in your skin and keeps it glowing and nourished.

Green Tea for Skin Pigmentation

Green Tea contains compounds like polyphenols and catechins which helps in reducing skin pigmentation and keeps the skin healthy and glowing. 

Treating Acne and Pimples

A lot of teenagers suffer with the problem of acne and pimples on the face. Acne is mainly caused due to hormonal changes occuring during puberty.

Green Tea contains a special compound known as ECGC which is a great anti-oxidant and helps in regulating hormones and sebum production( a secretion which is rich in waxes, protecting the skin from dryness, it’s over secretion causes oily skin).

Swelling and Puffiness around your eyes

Green Tea contains Vitamin K which helps in treating the puffiness around the eyes. It helps to narrow the blood vessels and improves blood circulation around the eyes. 

Place cold green tea bags over your eyes for 10 minutes everyday for a week, it’ll reduce the swelling and puffiness.

Benefits of Green Tea for Weight Loss

Benefits of Green Tea for Weight Loss

Green Tea contains caffeine which is a stimulant for burning fat and improves the exercise performance. The anti oxidants present in it helps in improving the metabolism and maintains the insulin levels.

According to studies, drinking Green Tea everyday helps in weight loss and weight management.  The catechins or EGCGpresent in it increases the metabolism and helps in weight loss.

For weight loss number of varieties of green tea are available. But plain and minimally processed green is rich in nutritions and works best for losing weight.

You can consume green tea after your meals for weight loss, but avoid if you suffer through acidity, since green tea is alkaline in nature.

According to experts you can also consume it in early morning and in the evening.

Benefits of Green Tea for hair

Benefits of Green Tea for Hair

If you love silky, smooth and long hairs then Green Tea may help you in it.

For hair loss

The main cause for hair loss is DHT(dihydrotestosterone), the catechins present in green tea helps in suppressing DHT.

Green tea also contains  compounds like carotenoids and  zinc which helps in preventing hair loss.

So regularly having green tea will make your hair thick and healthy.

For split ends and damaged hairs

Green Tea contains panthenol which helps in strengthening the hair and also prevents split ends. 

The Vitamin C present in it protects the scalp and hair from sun damage and also prevents dandruff.

Health benefits of Green Tea

Green Tea can help you in preventing and curing various diseases.

Green Tea and Alzheimer

According to a study published in 2019, for the association green of tea consumption with risk of Alzheimer disease  shows that there is some kind of preventive effect present in the intake of green tea. 

Although the mechanism behind it is not understood. 

Cancer Prevention and Green Tea

According to a study, the countries where consumption of green tea is high cancer risks tends to be lower.

Scientists believe that the high level of polyphenols present in green tea helps in killing the cancer cells and also prevent them from growing.

To reduce the risk of cancer it is suggested to drink 2-8 cups of green tea per day.

For Type-2 Diabetes

According to a study, drinking caffeinated green tea may help in lowering the risk of  type-2 diabetes . The catechins present in green tea helps in reducing the effects of insulin. 

Green tea also helps in calming the mind and body from the stress and anxiety caused due to diabetes.

Green Tea for a healthy Heart

According to a  study conducted on 40530 Japanese people show that people drinking more than 5 cups of green tea a day had a 26% lower risk of death from heart attack.

The Polyphenols present in it helps in decreasing the body weight and also reduces the high cholesterol levels which are the two main reasons behind increasing heart diseases these days.

Green tea for memory

Through studies it’s been found that amino acids present in green tea increases brain serotonin and dopamine which reduces anxiety and sharpens your memory. 

Various types and flavours of green tea are available in the market. You may compare various brands and flavours and choose the right one for yourself.

If you don’t like the taste of green tea then you may also consume it with honey, lemon or ginger. Though avoid adding sugar, the calories present in it will neutralize the benefits of green tea.

So start consuming Green Tea instead of regular tea for a fit and healthy body


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