Guide To Buy Round Neck Printed Shirts Online

T-Shirts are one of the essential wardrobe items that you can buy at an affordable price. It’s a go-to item for your daily activities as you can wear it to the gym, bed, beach, programs, or anywhere you desire. Most of us prefer to buy them in bulk as it puts a full-stop to our thinking of buying another set of the same unless the existing one becomes worn out. But, how do you ensure that you’re making the most out of your T-shirt? Of course, you’re not willing to buy any random shirt for your daily usage, right? It needs to have the perfect color, style, fabric material, etc. So, let’s take a look at the number of factors that you need to consider prior to buying a round neck printed shirts online. 

1.The T-Shirt Style

Every individual wearer has different requirements when it comes to the style of the T-shirt and its fittings. And the way you wear a T-shirt tells a lot about you. There are various styles including regular fit, custom fit, tailored fit, and slim fit. 

Regular fits are the most common and the most comfortable style considered by a majority of buyers as it has a straight cut with wide armhole and standard width of the sleeve. It covers you without even tightening the body too much. 

Tailored fits are the kind of style that requires your measurement. And then there is custom fit. These are made to fit all types of bodies however the price can be a little higher than the regular ones. Lastly there is a slim fit T-shirt which has a tight sleeve width and arm hole. It might not provide a great comfort to most people therefore if you’re looking for a comfortable style then regular fits will work the best. 

2.The T-Shirt Color

The timeless shades like black, while, gray, navy blue, royal blue, are the foundation of your wardrobe. These are the basic color of a T-shirt but you should choose the one that makes you look the best. Here are some of the most important tips to decide the color of your tees, 

  • White– If you’re looking for a bulk number of Tees that you want for an occasion, then this color will be an optimal choice. Along with this, you can consider a white round neck T-shirt for your underwear as it will be the best to combine with classic jeans to create the overall makeover. 
  • Gray– Gray is basically the mixture of various shades but it creates a flattering look by enhancing the wearer’s body shape visually. However, if you swear too often, then you must refrain from choosing the gray color as it’ll be noticeable more significantly. 
  • Navy Blue/ Royal Blue– If you want to create a vibrant look of yourself, then this is the most refined choice. It creates a tonal look if combined with denim. 
  • Black– It’s the evergreen choice for many of the T-shirt wearers. It can be worn for any occasion be it your gym, swimming, running, etc. 
  • Red– people with fair skin color with light brown or blonde hair color can easily pick the red colored T-shirts. This will create the most appealing look with its clear contrast with your skin tone.
3.The Fabric Material

Clothing materials are one of the important factors to consider when you want to get printed shirts online. Most of us prefer a thicker fabric when it comes to any other costumes. However, the T-shirt should be the most comfortable one as we wear it as our underwear or solo. Therefore, the most preferred material is cotton. Some manufacturers provide cotton blend or pure cotton fabric material. 

The cotton blends include a combination of elastane or stretch fibers and cotton whereas the pure cotton materials include 100% cotton in the T-shirt. Another type of fabric material is there, cotton-polyester blend but it doesn’t guarantee comfort to the wearers. So, it’s best to choose the pure cotton fabric to ensure 100% satisfaction. Once you know what type of fabric material which will suit you, you can easily get printed tshirts online.


As T-shirts are mostly our everyday wardrobe, the best way to stock up is to buy them in bulk. In fact, most people prefer the same. But, the cost of each of the products must be affordable to suit your pocket. 


There are T-shirts which you can design on your own. Custom printing provides you the opportunity to design your own T-shirt and make it ready to wear. You can choose any design option as per your choices and requirements according to the base color. However, make sure you consider all the above-mentioned points to guarantee ultimate satisfaction from your round neck t-shirts. 

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