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Health Blogs: 7 Must-Have Topics

Running a successful blog has many challenges, but every blogger understands that content creation is at the top of the list. Understanding the reader is essential when it comes to thinking up new ideas and directions for any website. Generally, bloggers understand that there is no exact recipe for success when it comes to health blogs. However, there are several topics that every blog worth reading should have. Here are seven topics to consider when brainstorming for content creation.


We spend the greater portion of our natural lives sleeping. The circadian rhythms, the biological clock inside our brains, are connected to many everyday functions. A good health blog should consider how sleeping patterns relate to overall health and happiness. In other words, the effects of sleep deprivation, over time, can lead to serious health concerns. Again, any good blog should educate its readers on various health conditions that affecting sleep. For example, a blog post discussing snoring as a potentially life-threatening condition may inform a person of the need for a BiPAP machine (bilevel positive airway pressure). For more information, check with a local medical supply company or physician.


As the legalization of cannabis gains traction, the public consumption of CBD is rapidly growing. CBD is the non-psychoactive oil generated from cannabis plants. They contain powerful health benefits that range from relieving anxiety, pain, and promoting healthy skin. Any comprehensive health blog would take advantage of this growing trend. It is also a great way to experiment and redefine an exploding sub-genre.


This should go without saying, but fitness is a must for any health blog. The inherent benefits of exercise are critical for promoting healthy living habits and better relationships between mind and body. A growing trend in fitness can show how mini-workouts are redefining fitness. Showing readers how exercise can be a non-invasive part of their everyday routine is smart.


Eating is a necessity, which means that having a healthy relationship with food is a must. A good health blog should promote these healthy relationships and encourage better eating habits. However, a quick look at the weight loss industry is an excellent reminder of how tricky a healthy balance can be. This is also a great time to educate readers on how a nutritious and balanced diet helps the body.

Stress Management

Talking about stress management is just as important, if not more crucial, for any good health blog. Stress is a normal reaction to life and, if left unchecked, can cause serious health problems. The excellent part about stress management is that it is a versatile topic that often overlaps with several other topics. For example, a lack of sleep can cause an increase in one’s stress level. A poor diet and lack of exercise can also contribute to a person’s stress level.

Homeopathic Remedies

With the health care system still under immense pressure from battling the coronavirus, many are looking for remedies at home. There is a growing need for readers to learn how to treat minor or sub-acute injuries at home. A good blog should offer advice, help, and assistance to those looking to avoid germ-infested doctor’s offices. Like CBD, there are many homeopathic remedies available to choose from.

Self Help

Sometimes the problems affecting a person’s health are not physical. It’s hard to give solid advice on topics of this nature because they are, by definition, not physical. However, self-help should be the aim of any good health blog. Whether it is promoting better eating habits or new exercise routines, bettering oneself is essential for living a healthy, productive life. Self-help also includes helpful tips on how to handle relationships and overcome various psychological difficulties. There are dozens of topics that fall under the responsibility of a health blog, but chiefly it is personal growth. A good blog should consider life as a whole and promote balance in all aspects of life. From eating to exercise, relationships to stress, balance is vital for living healthy.

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