Used items for sale in the UAE

Here’s Where You Can Sell Used Items Online In The UAE

Do you want to turn some of your personal items into cash? Do you want to get rid off your old items? Do the items are still in good condition? Do you want to list your used items for sale in UAE?

In this particular article, we will shed light on the topic on which websites you can sell your used items. In UAE, there are a plethora of sites that have a dedicated category like used items for sale in UAE. If you have goods or things that you want to sell, you can do it easily with the aid of these sites.

Below there is a list of the websites which may help you to sell your used stuff.

Properties and car

You can post your property related or car-related ads on getthat. This site has a plethora of features, which a user can use and can sell his/her items easily.


There is a site called cash converters which offers a fair price for your pre-loved household furniture. Either sell your items for cash or allow them to put your items on sale in their showroom. If you live in Abu Dhabi, Nefertiti furniture lets you list used furniture too.

A company in Ajman called Take my junk UAE can take almost anything from your place at the exact time they promised you. They may also pay for some of the stuff that is still really good.


Try Second hand Dubai for selling any used but functional mobile phones, not only mobile phones, but you can also sell electronic gadgets and home appliances. Besides this, Sell any phone is another website where you can sell your phone or trade it for a brand new one.

Clothing and accessories

Those who have a heap of clothes in excellent condition can go to My Ex Wardrobe. By giving a starting membership fee, you can start selling your pre-loved items.

You can also post your wearable stuff at that too.

Kids’ Stuff

Who would not want to trade their pre-loved functional baby items for cash? For quality second-hand kids’ items you want to sell, such as toys, clothes or anything for children under the age of eight years. Baby bazaar can quote you a good price.

Websites which will help you to get all the things in one place

 There are leading websites that help us to get all things in one place. These websites are-

  1. Dubizzle- it is a leading classified website of UAE, it is a community, and where users can list their used items for sale in UAE. Besides free service, premium service is also available.
  1. Bazinga- it is one of the leading classified sites. This is an absolutely free website, which means one can post free advertisement on any category like real estate, cars, household necessities, etc without spending a single penny.

3. Abentra- It is also considered as one of the leading classified websites and it also provides free services to its users.

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