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Hiring Remote Workers

Hiring Remote Workers: A Guide

According to Zippia statistics, 68% of U.S. citizens would prefer to work on a remote basis full-time! It’s a startling figure to comprehend, but it’s also valuable info to know if you’re on the lookout for remote workers.

After all, hiring remote workers does make sense these days as it can be an affordable way to grow your business. You won’t need to provide a desk, office, AC, and so many other things that you would have to do when you hire employees in a traditional sense.

In this short guide, we’ll run you through all the essential considerations you should be aware of when hiring remote workers. Let’s get to it!

Hiring Remote Workers

Location May Still Be Important

Although you’ll be hiring employees on a remote basis, consider whether they will need to be in a certain location as part of their job role. For instance, they may need to meet with clients from time to time or come into the head office on occasion. Will it be difficult for them to do this?

Another issue you might crop up with is you hire workers in a totally different timezone to yours. This can make things complicated with some job roles when it comes to communication needs between you and them.

Also, if they need to talk to customers, will they be able to do so on a full shift in their timezone? Or would it be unrealistic to ask a worker to stay awake from say 11 pm-7 am in their timezone to deal with your company and your customers, for example?

Ensure Your Data Is Secure

When you work with people across the country and around the world, you need to ensure your data is secure. It can happen that you hire people who aren’t what they seem, and they could take full advantage of any security loopholes you are unaware of.

So have your data security protocols in order before you start hiring a remote worker. And it makes sense to have a proof of identity procedure in place to have some idea of who you are dealing with.

Develop Motivational Strategies

It’s no surprise that when people work from home, their motivation levels can maybe drop sometimes to the point where people are shirking from home. There may be more distractions than in an office and the feeling of less pressure.

In order to counter demotivation among your remote worker ranks, try to develop some motivational strategies. One way to do this is to gamify your remote worker platform. You can do this so that each remote worker can see their micro achievements appear in a similar way to if they were playing a game.

Here you can view more tips and advice on how to hire remote workers.

Hiring Remote Workers the Right Way

Hiring remote workers does not need to be challenging. Just ensure you consider any locational requirements, get your data security protocols ready, get ready to motivate, then start advertising your vacancies!

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