5 Simple Home Maintenance Tips for Every Homeowner

5 Simple Home Maintenance Tips for Every Homeowner

Did you know that homeowners in the US spend roughly 1100 dollars a year on home maintenance and more than 30 percent of these owners were forced to complete an emergency repair with an average cost of 1200 dollars? Owning a home doesn’t cheap and some effort is required to keep your home looking its best.

Do you love being a homeowner but are not so keen on the amount of upkeep that is required? Then, read on below for five simple home maintenance tips that will save you time in the long run.

Home Maintenance Tips

1. Roof Inspection

First up, the mid-state roofing of a house is the most important part that does need regular inspections. Taking a ladder and walking around your roof, if it’s not too steep, to investigate if anything looks out of place that can cause a potential leak, won’t take too long and only needs to be done once a year before the rainy season.

2. Gutter Cleaning

While you are up there and giving your roof an inspection, now would be the right time to take a look at your gutters and clear any blockages that may have built up over the last year.

A gutter that is blocked has the potential to back up water which can find its way into your roof and cause major damage. Always keep them as clean as possible.

3. Clean Any Mold

First of all, there shouldn’t be any mold forming anywhere inside your house, if there is then you have some sort of a leak. If mold has formed its important that you spray it with cleaning detergent and wipe it off. This will not only sterilize the mold it will also ensure that your paint doesn’t flake off and need a repaint.

4. Clean or Replace Your AC Filter

It is important that once a year you either clean out or replace your aircon filters. Lots of dust and residue gets trapped in these filters which then clogs up and contaminates the air inside the house.

For healthy, fresh air inside your house, you could even clean out the filter every month if you so wish.

5. Tree Trimming

Growing shrubs and bushes around your house is never a bad idea because it attracts birdlife, bees, and lots of wonderful creatures to your garden. The problem lies when trees start growing over your roof and pests such as rats or squirrels have a clear pathway into your roof.

It is especially essential to keep trees and bushes away from your AC unit as a pest can destroy the unit and cause havoc.

Happy Home, Happy Life

Keeping your home clean, leak-free, and keeping up with maintenance is a few ways you can truly enjoy your investment and create a happy home. Following these few tips will ensure the minimum gets done and your house will thank you for it.

Are you looking for further home improvement advice? Not sure where to turn to? Head on over to our home improvement page and find out more.

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