Childbearing Hips

How Child Bearing Hips Work?

Do you know childbearing hips can make childbirth easy?

The term childbearing hips is not commonly used but it describes the shape of hips of some women.

In this article, we’ll discuss what childbearing hips are and how they work.

What are childbearing hips?

Childbearing hips means specific pelvic structure which may ease in childbirth. The pelvis structure of childbearing hips is wide which makes delivery of child easier.

It doesn’t mean that those women who don’t possess childbearing hips can’t bear a child. All women pelvises have been designed naturally to bear child and pelvis structure changes during the pregnancy as the time of delivery approaches. Change in pelvis structure makes the baby come out at the time of delivery.

How do childbearing hips work?

Your body has a natural phenomenon to give birth to the baby. Your body goes through different processes from conception, development of the fetus until birth. The woman’s body prepares itself to give birth naturally.

As the time of delivery approaches, the bones of the pelvis start stretching and separating, the area becomes wider and makes the way for delivery of the baby. All these changes occur in every single woman.

As mentioned earlier, childbearing hips have wider pelvis structure and during pregnancy it becomes much wider which makes the delivery of child easier. The baby will be able to move out easily and the delivery period will be smaller than a woman who doesn’t possess child bearing hips. Doctors and midwives usually tell women with childbearing hips that they would have easier delivery and their labor won’t long for hours. The baby can easily move out due to wider space and labor will end within an hour. Aside from hip size there are also other factors which can make childbirth easier which are given below:

  • Baby’s size:

The side of the baby matters a lot in childbirth. It is difficult to push a larger baby than a smaller one. Even the mothers with childbearing hips face difficulty in delivering a larger baby then smaller one because the baby is larger than the pelvis region thus delivery period increases with the size of your baby.

  • Baby’s position:

The position of the fetus is also a big factor in childbirth. The most favorable position for the fetus is head-down position and it makes the delivery fast and easier. But if the baby is in head-up position also known as breech position the delivery would be difficult.

From the time of conception until delivery, the baby can change and get to the appropriate position. Usually some external techniques are used to rotate the baby to the right position but if techniques don’t work caesarean delivery is recommended.

  • Mother’s health:

Health of a pregnant lady is also very important because she needs strength to push the baby out of her womb. If the mother is weak she won’t be able to deliver through vagina and have to go through surgical delivery. Hence taking good care of mother’s health is very important for an easy delivery.

  • Contraction strength:

The contractions and relaxations of muscles in the uterus help in pushing the baby out of the mother’s womb. If the muscles are weak the delivery would be difficult and take more time even in mothers with wider hips.

In Conclusion

In short, childbearing hips make the childbirth easier but there are other factors that influence the delivery of the baby such as size and position of baby, health of mother and muscle strength. All women are designed naturally to bear the baby. The whole period of pregnancy makes specific changes in the body and prepares it to deliver the baby. 

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