How do Digital Intelligence Platforms Accelerate Investigations?

How do Digital Intelligence Platforms Accelerate Investigations?

Digital intelligence is a crucial advantage for any ecosystem because of the value creation that it encompasses in the entire framework. True value creation for organizations is dependent on technology and its ability to use big data effectively. Digital intelligence initiates the process of using the data for process interactions. It extracts the data from its silos, refines it, combes out the redundant matter and bugs, and makes it ready to use through its built-in features aided by deep and machine learning and neural networks. Through automation and acceleration, the process workflow is exacerbated with a digital intelligence platform.

Digital Intelligence Platform

Digital intelligence or DI encompasses all the digital elements like artificial intelligence, machine learning, data analytics, deep learning, semantics, statistics, econometrics, simulation, and predictive analysis and merges the optimum use of all the facets.

Digital intelligence for forensics

Digital intelligence can aid in seamless operation for forensic and investigative science-related work. Forensic science related to both physical and virtual crimes can be detected at a rapid pace with the help of Ai-aided tools and other facets of technology. The lapse of time from the time a crime has been committed is important in preserving the sanctity of evidence that can implicate a criminal. Unlike traditional methods that took days to decipher the results, digital intelligence uses advanced semantics and machine learning to locate the desired data about any forensic project.

Capabilities of DI to aid investigation

  • Mobile UI for forensics

The use of smartphones with either android, IoS, or windows OS is common and almost everyone has a phone. Forensics collects and extracts the selected data that is required for investigation. The digital forensic investigation that deals with evidence from mobile phones such as location, exchange of text messages, pictures, and other documents is useful in detective work. It is a widely used approach to track the mobile phone’s location to find missing people or other evidence that can either stop a crime or find the wrong-doer. There are also third-party apps and software providers that have tools that aid mobile forensics and investigations. 

  • Apt Resources

The traditional computer forensics techniques cannot be completely mapped to identify, select and extract data from mobile applications. In computers, extraction of data from hardware and SD cards aids in the process. However, in mobile applications, the chain of events is tracked through message threads, deleted data, GPS location history, and important pictures to help in the workflow of the investigation process.

  • Data extraction

Getting data from mobiles is not as easy as computers. Creating a digital forensic image of the internal storage is sometimes impractical. Decrypting the mobile data from recovery mode is different for different operating systems and models of phones. Various applications used in the mobile generate data in cache memory that often is stored in internal storage. Unless someone is smart enough to erase their digital footsteps, forensic tools can aid the investigator to analyze all the loose data that is generated by using different applications on a phone.

  • Decryptions

Digital intelligence as iterated is a canopy of all the features inclusive of tech-based UIs, AI, and ML tools that are used in the decryption of the data that is vital for investigation. Often the investigator receives data in encrypted form. It can provide useful images, documents, and other files that can either help in the investigation or be used as evidence in a court of law. Many digital intelligence platform providers aid in a pragmatic approach for the investigators to decrypt the information without compromising the integrity or distorting the truth.

Digital intelligence: The future of forensic data solutions

Data is everything. It is important in every field of the world. Be it corporations, research, development, investigation, or historical or archeological mapping, data is everything. The amount of data that is collected by a forensics expert is large. However, traditional methods are long, and the time factor always hampers effective investigation. This is the reason DI’s abilities to deliver in every other important field can be extrapolated and tested to aid in forensic investigations. Here are all possible ways in which DI helps forensic investigators in exacerbating their work with positive and true results:

  1. Easy-to-understand data compilation

Digital intelligence platforms that work in the forensic field help in mapping the extracted data from digital tools using an algorithmic component that is hardly understood by non-data experts.

  1. Value creation

By sequentially encompassing the extracted data, the development and creation of value through algorithm combination that is linked to a specific app is possible

  1. Scalable system

With the increase in sophisticated tools, models and algorithms can be scaled owing to a system that updates dynamically. Also, the aid of the digital tool in recommending out-of-box ideas with the risk mapped as a more industrious route in comparison to a process-based system.


The amount of time spent by a private detective and law-enforcement agencies in investigating a cyber crime or any crime with a remote possibility of mobile usage in the scenario will benefit from the DI platform for investigators. Connecting and mapping the dots can sometimes be like searching for a needle in the haystack; unless advanced tools with precision identification in the process of investigation are applied during the investigation.

Even common security compliance in an organization that needs to keep its data safe has to continuously monitor its systems and immediately track and investigate any out-of-tune practices that are not in the best interest of the organization’s integrity.

Crime would be on a rampage if it was not for the possibility to crack down on the mystery surrounding one within a few minutes through digital intelligence applications. Valuable data that is part of an organization’s ability to operate in business is always at risk despite the best-encrypted software. There is always a need for ethical practices to stop the intentions of dark internet users and enablers. The scale of the data that is at risk can only be checked through effective digital intelligence platforms.

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