Dispose of Heavy Furniture

How Do You Dispose of Heavy Furniture

Disposing of large unwanted stuff isn’t easy. Heavy furniture, to be more precise, poses the biggest challenge. However, with the help of a professional furniture removal company, it becomes a lot easier to dispose of heavy items.

People have different reasons to get rid of furniture. It may be due to a remodeling plan, or just because they’re moving to a new destination. Don’t let that old couch give you stress when you can contact the right furniture removal experts for assistance. But many people remain stuck and confused about what to do with their heavy furniture. So, here’s how to go about the disposal:

Check if the People Bringing in the New Set of Furniture Can Remove the Old Ones

Are you remodeling your home? You may be planning to change the appearance of your living room by replacing that old set of sofas. If this is the case, then you’ll need to find the right disposal technique.

Often, furniture sellers offer furniture removal services as an incentive to customers. Find out about this before ordering furniture from the company. Mostly their service comes at a fairly reduced price, or even free of charge. This is especially true if you bought large items from them.

If you are unsure how to go about it, get the company details and contact them about this provision. Sometimes, if the guys bringing the new settings don’t offer furniture removal as a service, you can tip them. At least this may get them to help you out with this heavy load.

Find Out If the Local Waste Management or Scrap Yard Will Take the Items

On trash day, the trash removal company will move around picking items left on the curb. However, you still need to find out if they take large and heavy items like furniture. You don’t want to use your effort to drag a heavy couch to the curb for them to ignore it.

Your location will determine if the local waste management company will haul away bulky items. But there’s some good news. For areas where the companies don’t haul away large items, you can pay a special fee for furniture removal. Mostly it’s in the region of $50 to $75.

Alternatively, you can contact a private company dealing solely with furniture removal. When you do your research well, you can find one that doesn’t overcharge clients. You’ll get estimates before they come on-site once you fill in all the main details.

Scrap yards can also act as a feasible option for furniture removal. However, they are choosy in terms of the furniture they can pick up. They are mainly interested in stuff composed of metal. If you want them to come and pick the large item themselves, you might have to pay for it. Otherwise, just make it yourself using a truck.

List the Item Online

Technology has made life a lot simpler and convenient. Today, if you want to sell something, no matter its size, you can do so online. You’ll be shocked at what you can post on Craigslist. More so if the price is free, you can dispose of anything online – except, perhaps, a bag of garbage.

Try listing your heavy piece of furniture online and see how many offers you’ll get within no time. Since you are looking to dispose of the item, it’s advisable not to overprice it. If you cannot give it away free of charge, then possibly use a very low price tag. Nonetheless, it depends on the quality of the item. If you see and believe that it’s still in mint condition, then you can still make something meaningful out of it.

Donate To Furniture Removal Charities

Some organizations specialize in furniture removal. Most of them are common in large cities and towns. You can take advantage of this provision to haul away heavy stuff like furniture. Some of them even come and take the furniture personally. Thus, you can save on the costs of hiring a truck for the furniture removal exercise.

The other great thing about donation is that it helps you get relief on taxes. Make sure you keep your records well so that you can account for the donation when the time comes. Besides, you’ll feel better having touched someone else’s life with your donation.

The basic rule of thumb for donate-able items is that if you can sell it, then you can donate it. Don’t take old and rusty items to a donation center simply because you want to dispose of them. Not only is it unethical, but even the charitable organization may fail to take it. Mostly, they take donated items and resell them. The proceeds then support the organization’s charitable activities.

Final Thoughts

Now that you know how to dispose of your heavy furniture, it’s time to do it. Remodel that home or simply declutter it by using the right furniture removal method.

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