How Does Posture Impact Your Health?

We’ve all heard how important maintaining correct posture is. Phrases such as ‘sit up straight’ and ‘stand up tall’ are used to encourage correct posture daily – however, not many people understand the meaning behind them and why they are so frequently used. In this blog, we’ll cover what it means to ‘sit up straight’ and ‘stand up tall’ and how not doing so can lead to serious consequences for your health down the line.

Sitting Up Straight

If you find yourself sitting at a desk for hours at a time – whether for professional or recreational purposes – it may be time to start checking whether or not you are maintaining the right posture. Sitting hunched over or slumped with your legs at the wrong angles can cause a long list of long-term injuries and health concerns, such as shoulder impingement, rotator cuff issues, lower back problems, and labral tears.

In order to prevent such potential injuries, it is important that you correct your posture and make sure that you are sitting at the right angle, with your feet staying flat on the ground. Back support can help you achieve this position.

In addition to sitting with correct posture, it is also important to limit the amount of time you spend sitting. Sitting for prolonged periods of time without break can cause hip muscle flexion, where your muscles become stuck at a shorten positioned position. This causes stiffness in your hip flexors which may also lead to problems in your pelvic position.

Standing Up Tall

When your hip flexors are too tight (possible as a result of sitting for too long periods of time or failing to perform health levels of physical activity), your body may ease into an unnatural anterior pelvic tilt (APT). APT causes a whole myriad of health issues, including losing the ability to ‘stand up tall’. 

Bodies that are victim to APT conditions will find themselves in less-than-ideal postures, whereby compounded pressure onto the lower back causes poor pelvic position, core stabilisation, and abdominal control. This further leads to individuals slumping and also having a protruding abdomen. APT also limits an individual’s physical ability, causing them to jump power and run slower as well. 

Individuals who fail to stand up tall due to APT experience tight hamstrings and tension along with their muscles, causing poor movement quality and discomfort when performing basic movements. To avoid such health consequences, individuals need to obey the phrase ‘stand up tall’ and keep their posture in check.

As seen above, poor posture can result in many health concerns, seeding from minor ones which eventually snowball into serious chronic health concerns. In order to prevent further issues, it is important that you correct your posture and make sure that you do not remain sedentary for too long periods at a time.

In order to stop posture-related health issues from manifesting, visiting your local chiropractor may also help to loosen your muscles and have your posture professionally corrected.

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