Manage DBS Data

How Should Employers Manage DBS Data?

For many employers, managing confidential data of employees can be a difficult task. It is imperative to make the employees understand the significance of dealing with information in the right way to guarantee certainty to not need to confront any of the lawful ramifications of a data leak.

How can a company keep the DBS data of its employees safe?

All companies need to follow data protection laws, and there is significantly more strict legal protection for data identifying with criminal records. This makes it important for the companies to keep the DBS check data of the employees safe.

For how long can the companies keep the DBS data?

After a judgment on the recruitment has been carried out, companies ought not to save DBS check (earlier known as CRB check) data for any more than is completely important. This, for the most part, is for the half year to take into account the thought and goal of any objections or disputes.

How to store the DBS data?

Companies ought to guarantee that the data is wrecked through secure methods, for example by destroying, pulping, or burning. Employee records ought to be kept in a protected, bolted bureau, and access ought to be limited to trusted people. In accordance with guidelines, DBS reports ought to be safely demolished following a half year.

What action should the company take if an employee is found leaking the DBS check information?

A leak of any candidate’s personal data should result in disciplinary action against the accountable party. This could even result in the employee getting dismissed from their job. 

A business must guarantee all staff comprehends their duty when taking care of personal information. They need to be aware of the outcome to expect if they breach the rules. Prior to any disciplinary activity can start, nonetheless, a full and legitimate examination should happen to decide who is responsible for the breach. Breach of privacy is a big offense, and the organization being referred to must settle on a choice dependent on the seriousness of the breach.

What can employers do if criminal information is found about the candidate at the time of the DBS check? In the majority of the cases, DBS check will not include small offences carried out by the candidate when they were a teenager. Moreover, the candidate is free to take out their application after they find out that the company requires a DBS check for recruitment. However, if the candidate goes ahead with the DBS check and in the certificate, some serious crime, like a sexual offence is mentioned then the company in many cases has to refuse employment to the candidate. This is because the DBS check is required in cases where the employee is required to deal with children or vulnerable adults. In such a case, giving a convict the responsibility to care for the vulnerable is neither safe for the employees nor the clients. 

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