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Soft Furnishings

How Soft Furnishings can Beautify Your House?

Want to transform your home on a low budget? Give a new look to your house just by changing the soft furnishings. Even if you use the best of flooring, furniture, wall paint and compromise on soft furnishing, the end look of the house would not be appealing. They are one of the most important elements in interior design.

What are soft furnishings?

The various fabrics we use in our home decoration are known as soft furnishings. All the bedsheets, curtains, carpets, throws, door mats, upholsteries, and other items made with textiles come under soft furnishings.

Various fabrics such as cotton, silk, linen, wool, satin, rayon, etc are used in the making of soft furnishings. These elements add great value and enhance the beauty of a room.

Here are a few soft furnishings that can change your house.


Cushions are one of the simplest elements to add interest to a space. They create a feeling of coziness and also add texture to the space. Adding a few cushions on your couch, bed or to your favourite seating corner will bring warmth and make the house look more inviting. You can always give a fresh look to the room just by changing the cushion covers. Go with patterned cushions if your room seems dull, and bold colours to attract people.

Rugs and Carpets

These can make a boring floor interesting. They give a fuller feeling when added to the room. They induce warmth into the room. It is preferred to use them in living rooms and bedrooms. They are available in various fabrics, shapes, colours and patterns. Choose the one that will bring all the elements of your room together. Everytime you feel that something is missing in a room, just add a carpet or rug and you will be amazed by your room’s beauty.


After a long, tired day don’t we all love to fall asleep in a comfy and cozy bed? Bed sheets will also impact your sleep. Good bed sheets will result in good quality sleep. Besides adding colour and texture to your room they create interest and coziness. Add life to your room with colourful, and patterned bed sheets. Experience new vibes in the room every time you change your bedsheets. Check the wide range of bedsheets online and choose the one that will fit your room.


Curtains are a great functional and decorative element. They prevent the entry of dirt and dust particles into the room. They also restrict the entry of sun rays into the house and create privacy. There are various types and styles of draping a curtain. They add a touch of texture and elegance to the room. You can use them on windows, doors and also as shower curtains. Besides these, you can also use curtains as a partition between two rooms.

Curtains have many more functions. Enhance the charm of your house with bright and beautiful curtains.

 Throw blankets

Throw blankets are an amazing element to add a pop of colour or texture to the room. They are stylish and cozy. They bring comfort and warmth into the space. They can be laid on couches,  sofas and beds. You can also use them in your garden seating to create a super cozy outdoors. You will find them made of fur , wool, or even cotton. Just throw a few in your living room for an enchanted look.

Tablecloth and runner

These are the basic decor elements for dining tables, coffee tables. Table fabric runners add interest to your plain tables. They also add a layer of protection to your table. They prevent damages caused by spills, and stains of hot pans. These elements make the table aesthetically pleasing.

Wall hangings and Tapestries

Tapestry is one of the oldest forms of art done on fabric. These colourful and elegant decor items are a great way to ornate your home. They fit well into almost every type of room. They add grace and interest to your walls. They are an energy efficient alternative to bring warmth to the space.

These are some of the soft furnishings you must have at your home. You can transform your house and give it a new look without spending much. Just add a couple of cushions or replace your old furnishings with new ones for a graceful appeal.

The latest technology has made this transformation much easier. Now you can check various furnishings like curtains , cushions and bedsheets online and pick the right one, at the comfort of your home. So what are you waiting for? Give a new look to your house this festive season.

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