How To Ask For Collaboration On Instagram

Instagram is not only for entertainment, but there are a lot of things you can do on Instagram that you do not know yet. There are thousands of people who have come up with amazing ideas to get the maximum benefit from the time they spend on the internet daily. If you want to see someone Instagram stories then with the help of Instagram Story Viewer you can watch and save stories in your Mobile device.

A collaboration on Instagram means you are teaming with another person or brand to create or arrange something.

Collaboration with any brand or influencer includes engagement, quality, and credibility, these are the important factors that you must keep in mind before collaborating with an influencer or brand. Now the real question is how do you convince someone to collaborate with you? This is one of the important questions most people ask about on a different platform. I am going to tell you the top ways to ask someone for collaboration. Let’s get started!!!. Click here to know about Instagram Pva accounts

When You Should Start To Ask For Collaboration As An Influencer:

It depends on you, but it would be a plus if you think about collaborating after the points mentioned below:

When you reach 1,000 or over followers, though this is just for guidelines most of the famous influencers started with this number.

You have to consistently keep track of your record over time, minimally 5 to 6 months. Check your records like you check your mails and be attentive to the records.

Before asking for collaboration you have to focus on building and creating your feed. This is very important to gain opportunities from brands.

Firstly, you should start with small businesses. It is nothing that you should be ashamed of because every famous person starts with small steps.

Be visually presentable because brands pay attention to little details too. You do not want to turn away a big brand then you must be careful even about the smallest of things like your bio.

Create aesthetic content for your page to attract big brands. The first thing that the brand will look at is your profile and your content so you should carefully write your bio as well as make your content worthwhile.

Rules Before Getting Into An Agreement:

When you receive a message or email, you will be so excited to be working with a brand but never let the excitement distract you from the fact that not every offer is reliable and genuine. Some of them might be tricking you to work for them without the intention to pay you money. Some brands are good looking but are fake. Doing some research before your decision is highly advised to avoid having scammers on your list. There are some rules for you to always keep in mind before collaborating with anyone.

  • Read and understand all the requirements they ask you for.
  • Always keep things in written form. Also, do not agree with any changes in the future to prevent you from requests midstream.
  • Always research the brand before asking for collaboration or accepting their request.
  • Understand their expectations to convince them to collaborate with you in the future too.
  • You cannot always get your desire collaboration requests so do not behave like a child, stay humble and kind.
  • Act like a professional, communicate with them in a timely fashion and try to follow through on all agreements.
  • Always remember that in the beginning you will get collaboration requests from small brands but do not be disheartened because that is how things kick-off.
  • DO NOT EVER try to trick a brand or this could take away your whole positive image on social media. Be genuine with your work.

How Much You Should Charge For Instagram Collaboration:

This is the question every influencer has asked from themselves at the start. You should ask yourself what you are willing to work for. This solely depends on the time and effort you will give to your work. Try to analyze the request as if it is worth it? If you can give your time and effort? Always evaluate every element for each collaboration uniquely and separately.

What Is The Worth Of Your Single Post On Instagram?

There is a kind of general rule of thumb that a single Instagram post roughly worth of about $5 to $10 for every 1000 followers.

For example, a profile containing 100,000 should receive between $500 to $1000, per post. You must remember that if a company says they do not have that kind of budget available at this time and they offer you something else instead of money then it is completely your choice to accept that request or not. Decide for yourself that the request is worthwhile or not.

Learn How To Negotiate With A Brand:

Negotiating is no doubt an art. It is mostly about compromise. Before collaborating with any brand asks yourself how interested you are to work with this company?

If you are willing to work with them then you may be ready to negotiate the prices. If you do not agree with the company you can just politely decline their offer. Walking away from negotiations can do no wrong for you.

Always remember that your efforts and time are so important to waste any useless request so choose carefully.

Some tips will help you learn the skill of negotiating:

  • Do not be the first to throw your demands.
  • Ask for their budget at the moment.
  • Always offer them 2-3 options, but let the final option being the most value.
  • Listen to their offers and be respectful about them.
  • Be kind and humble towards people no matter what.
  • Do not feel awkward to ask for more information regarding their offer because it will save you from future hurdles.

Final Thoughts:

Instagram collaboration is unique for every influencer and brand. After you have stepped on this path you will automatically gain insights and you will be able to correct your mistakes. You just need to prioritize your work and perimeters.

Once you have set your feed of influence on Instagram collaboration opportunities will be a common occurrence. Though it can be challenging to navigate Instagram collaboration is a sea of opportunity that can help you spot your presence and earn some pretty amount of money.

The best advice I can give to you is, always be kind in your negotiations, be true to yourself and trust your gut feeling. And never proceed with any collaboration unless you search for them because no everything you see on the internet is genuine no matter who it looks so if you receive a request, do some research, check their engagements read through their views and then agree to collaborate.

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