Change Name in PUBG

How to Change Name in PUBG Step by Step

The Battle Royale game- one of the most popular battle games so far. There are a lot of challenges, discoveries, and struggles to handle. Sometimes players get bored with their same appearances and mode of play. They will look for changes, especially the names.

The problem arises here, as they don’t know the right procedure to complete their desires. So we are here to solve your issue and let you know how you can change the PUBG username quickly in a few simple steps. We will help you change your existing name with a super cool appearance.

Here are the clear steps that you can follow to change your name in PUBG Mobile.

It’s Mandatory to use a name to start the game. Then it’s a choice of changing the name at certain intervals. The process is very easy and it’s the same for Android and iOS. So just follow the procedure and change your existing name.

  • Open your PUBG Mobile.
  • Select Inventory at the bottom of the home screen and tap the crate icon.
  • Tap on the “Rename Card”, (if you already have the Rename Cards) and then select the “use” option.
  • Enter your New nickname and select the button “OK”; and you are done.

Remember that this can be possible only once in a day.

How to get Rename ID Cards in PUBG Mobile

It’s a very common question asked by the players. Initially, we all need to put a name to start playing. As you play different levels, the invitation of changing names comes automatically as a reward. Sometimes it comes just as a casual reward for first achievement or any new feature introduced in the game.

The players who don’t get the reward to change their existing name, they purchase it by spending PUBG Mobile game currency. You have to spend 180 UC means just 5 bucks as per your country name. Don’t worry you can earn a small amount of UC by upgrading to new levels in each season.

How can you get the ID cards for free?

We know that we need to spend some UC to change our names. It’s not possible every time. So, we are searching for some tricks to earn ID cards for free.

You need to concentrate on three things.

  1. You need to join the crew and need to participate actively. 
  • You need to participate in giveaways and watch the live streaming PUBG game on YouTube.
  • At last, improve your game and complete your missions faster. The levels from 3 to 9 hold some chances to reward rename options. 

How to Change Name in PUBG Mobile and Place Your Favorite Name?

This step is also very easy just like the name changing procedure. Let’s see how you can easily create your appearance more interesting.

  • Open the PUBG Mobile game app to the home screen on the main menu.
  • Select the “Inventory” option from the menu located at the bottom of the panel (just as the name changing process).
  • Choose the Reset Appearancearrows. It will appear just right next to your existing character.
  • Make the desired changes to your character, then tap the “OK”button.
  • Tap on “Purchase” to confirm that you desire to spend the BP to make the latest change. The cost depends on the changes you want to make.

The above guide can help you a bit to change your gaming name to have refreshing appearances for the time being. The options of changing names are always opened with a certain interval. So keep playing and have a good quality time.

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