How to Check Every Single Activity of Employees with TheOneSpy

Are you concerned about your employees’ activities during working hours? The employers across the world use different tactics to keep an eye on their workers. The most advanced way to monitor employees is the use of tracking software for company-owned mobile phones and computers. The large scale business organizations track digital devices of the company to keep a record of their workers’ activities. TheOneSpy is one of the most powerful employee spy apps that is being used by several business organizations around the world. It enables employers and business managers to closely watch out almost every activity of employees performed inside and outside the workstation. Read on to know how this software enables employers to keep their workers under surveillance.

TheOneSpy Employee Monitoring Software

TheOneSpy provides a complete monitoring solution for businesses to keep their employees under supervision. The high-tech software is compatible with multiple digital devices including android mobile phones, android tablets, Mac computers, and Windows computers. You can install the software on the company-owned devices to keep an eye on every digital activity of employees. The spy app lets you know what actions are being performed on a mobile phone or computer device. It also empowers the end-user to remotely witness events happening in the surrounding of monitored devices.

How does Employee Spy App Work?

After the installation of the surveillance software on the company-owned digital devices, the software gets access to data saved on these devices. This data contains chats, documents, photos, videos, contacts, emails, browsing history, and more important stuff. The app automatically uploads the secretly accessed data to the web portal of TOS. It does not create an online backup of important stuff stored on monitored devices but also enables the employer to retrieve important information anytime and from anywhere. Read on to know about the core features of the employee monitoring app.

Keep an Eye on Employees’ Communication

The surveillance software lets you know what your workers talk about. You can read their messages without accessing their mobile phones. The spy app installed on an android phone secretly accesses SMS, MMS, social media chats, instant messages, and emails. The employers can read these conversations by logging into the online portal of TOS. It enables employers to keep a check on their workers’ communication with co-workers, clients and third parties. This feature also enables employers to keep tabs on inbound and outbound messages of customer care, marketing and sales team to improve service quality.

Monitor Traveling Workers

The spyware solution of TOS does not only allow monitoring employees inside the workstation but it also permits to keep traveling and remote workers under supervision. The monitoring software lets you know where your traveling workers are at the moment. You can trace their digital footsteps to ensure they are on assigned tours.

Track Social Media Activities

The employee tracking app lets employers know how their workers use social media apps. Usually, the displeased workers of the company head towards social media to defame the company. The app lets you know what your employees post on most popular social networking apps including Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, Telegram, Hike, Hangout, IMO, Snapchat, Skype, Tinder, and Kik.

Record Real-Time Digital Activities

If you are suspicious about the activities of a particular employee, you can use the cell phone spy app to keep an eye on every digital activity of that worker. The app records the screen of mobile phones or computers to let you see what activities are being performed on that device.

Keep an Eye on Surroundings

The surveillance software lets you know what your workers are doing inside and outside the workstation.No matter where they are, you can turn on the camera of their monitored cell phone to see and record their actions. The microphone of their digital device lets you listen to their chats. You can turn on the camera and MIC of the targeted digital device through the web-based control panel of the app.

Evaluate & Manage Internet Usage

The supervision of internet use is crucial to prevent workers from unproductive activities. The employee surveillance software gets access to the internet browsing history of the monitored computer and cell phone. The browsing details help employers to evaluate the internet activities of workers. If workers are frequently visiting any unproductive website, that website can be blocked to boost employee productivity.

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