Best Cooling Mattress Toppers

How to choose the Best Cooling Mattress Toppers

When we go to bed, we would like to feel comfortable and relaxed because this is the only rest we need after a whole day of workload, activities,or usual routines. However, there are individuals who have trouble sleeping especially when they are the type of person who easily sweats and releases too much heat from the body even when the room is cold. In this case, you will need to get the best cooling mattress toppers to help you feel at ease during the night.

Some of you may have been using a foam that may be good at absorbing heat but has no way out to release this. I guess, this is where you will always feel hot whenever you are on the bed, so the only option left is to use a mattress topper as a remedy. This is a better remedy when your bed or mattress is still good, instead of purchasing a new one because it would be cheaper to get a mattress topper and would be more convenient.

Mattresses that are made up of good or high-quality material is quite expensive nowadays, so you will not just buy anything that will not even last for a year or two. Make sure that this will last for more than 5 years or even a decade so you do not need to keep on buying because this might be a necessity but it is not like a cloth that you can easily change or dispose of when you are not comfortable with it. Now, if you can just learn to usea mattress topper, then you need to learn how to pick one.


One of the most important things that you should consider when choosing one is the thickness or depth of the topper because this has something to do with the support. Just like mattresses, it also varies in depth. This is usually 2 inches in depth, though others are thicker and measures up to 8 inches thick. Anyway, this will depend on your preferred support or thickness of the mattress foam which will serve as the base.


When it comes to the firmness, you will notice that it comes at various levels because this depends on how you want to use it. Would it be used for softening a firm mattress or firming a soft mattress? This is your personal preference and condition as well as sleeping habits.

You know well that there are individuals who are not comfortable with soft or firm mattresses, so they use a topper to fix this issue. This only shows that the firmness functions to add comfort as you sleep on it because of the level of firmness complements the mattress.


It is essential for you to choose the material used, especially when you would like a washable topper. If you often wash it or when it always get stains, then you better choose the right material for this to last longer.

One of the materials used is memory foam. This is popular because as you sleep on it you will get the moldable feeling. It is also known to be slow when it comes to responding to pressure. If you are an individual who is more comfortable with toppers that will conform with the shape of your body, then you have to look for this material. The only downside to this type of material is that it traps the heat of the body and this will make you feel warm as you sleep on it. I guess this material is not an ideal topper when you release more heat from the body.

The other type of material that may choose is latex. This is the opposite of memory foam because when it comes to the pressure applied on the topper, the response would be faster. You will get to have a buoyant feeling with the latex and the support is quite springy. This means that when you sleep on it, you won’t be sinking on it, instead, you will be resting on the top of it. By the way, this type of material is more breathable when compared to the memory foam.

Cooling Properties

Since you are looking for a cooling mattress topper, it only shows that when you release heat, it is trapped on the mattress. This means that with the mattress topper, you should be able to eliminate this issue.

So the concern here is to check on the cooling properties of the topper. Now how can it help you experience the cooling effect? This topper could be designed with various infused materials like copper or graphite. It is also possible for this to be engineered through the use of advanced technology. It could be manufactured as well so that the temperature-neutral will remain where you won’t be feeling cool or warm.

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