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How to Choose the Type of Headphones to Suit You?

There are different types of headphones. It is undeniable that most of them come from mobile phone
brands however; there are many music listeners who buy headphones to match their listening style but
how do we know that each ear is unique, what is will introduce the details. In depth that each type of headphone has its strengths. How are the disadvantages to make a decision for buying headphones for many new music listeners as well? Before starting to enter the details, let’s say here first that we would like to talk about an overview of the different types of headphones. Of course, each headphone has exceptions. For example, these types of headphones are not seen like this at all. There is this brand that can do this, for example. But in the article, we will talk about the general characteristics to make it easier to understand.

On the market today, the type of headphones that are familiar to the eye common and are popular.

There will be 3 main types of headphones:

• Earbuds
• in-Ear Headphones
• Headphone Head phone (Full-Size) for Headphone will be subdivided into 2 types:

On-ear headphones
Over-ear headphones

Earbuds or earbuds

It’s the type of headphones that we believe almost everyone has seen and been through. Because these
are headphones that truly revolutionize the audio industry. Earbuds were widely used around the 1980s,
and many people remember the legendary Sony Walkman. And come together as loud as the name
“iPhone headphones” or if you want to be right, the headphones that come with the iPhone.

What makes earbuds so popular is that most of the earbuds are relatively inexpensive and can be
bought in general easy to carry by providing quality sound at an affordable price In the sound section, it
is featured can keep details well (But not as much as In-ear headphones) The sound is quite airy,
comfortable to listen to, the sound stage is moderately wide. But the earbud-type headphones are not
very soundproof outside which has advantages as well because it will prevent us from being dangerous
during the journey itself. Another disadvantage is that wearing it for a long time can hurt your ears. It
also comes off easily when moving quickly. Earbuds are less popular nowadays and more and more
manufacturers are turning to in-ear headphones, but there are also some of the most popular earbuds
out there,


• Easy to carry
• Inexpensive
• It’s safe to hear outside sounds.

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In-ear headphones

Next, in-ear headphones or in-ear headphones are considered to be the most popular type of
headphones today. In addition to portability, in-ear headphones are very good at blocking outside noise.
With the rubber stopper or foam stopper, there are many sizes and It is inserted into the ear canal until
it is completely closed, making the headphones fit perfectly and difficult to fall In terms of sound, the
highlight is that the details are clear and complete. Because the headphones are close to the ear canal
and have excellent noise insulation Thus, the sound details are improved to the next level. The caution
with these types of headphones is safety. Because these types of headphones are very soundproof. We
rarely hear outside noises. Sometimes it can be dangerous. And for those who like to turn up a lot of
noise, it can be harmful to the ears as well.


• Easy to carry
• Excellent noise insulation
• Clear and complete sound details
• Headphone Headphones (Full-size)

Finally, Headphone Headphones are considered to be a type of headphones that have been around for a
long time, or what people like to call earbuds. It can be divided into two types which are on-ear and

Headphones On-ear headphones or ear

Starting with the on-ear headphones, the on-ear headphones are smaller in size. When wearing the ear
cushions, the ear cushions will fit perfectly on the ears. The highlight of these types of headphones is
that they provide a spacious sound. Listen comfortably according to the characteristics of full-size
headphones, but shrink to a smaller size. Although it makes the sound somewhat inferior, in exchange
for the ability to carry with a lighter weight than a large full-size, making it easy to carry around. It also
insulates outside noise well to a certain extent. But with the sponge attached to the ear, when put in the
field, it may cause ear heat or sweat-soaked in the ears as well. For more popular on-ear headphones
lately, they often come in wireless or Bluetooth headphones, such as the AKG Y50BT or the Momentum
2.0 Wireless that sound great. People who like easy listening style Wide soundstage, realistic sound, but
still need portability.


• Lightweight, easy to wear, and always come with beautiful designs
• Some headphones are foldable, making them easy to carry.
• Easy to pick up while traveling
• Make the sound comfortable the soundstage is wide and natural.

Headphones Over-ear headphones or ear

This is the type of headphones that audiophiles love a lot. Wearing over the ear, it makes it comfortable
to listen to for a long time. Most headphones are large. Some are so big that they are not easy to carry.
Of course, the total trade-off is the quality of the sound. The sound is natural, realistic; the sound stage
is very spacious, comfortable to listen to. Many headphone players when they try to use over-ear
headphones are often enamored with the excellent sound quality. Therefore, these types of
headphones are more suitable for stationary use. Portable but occasionally but there are some models
that are made to be more convenient to carry with a smaller size. The point of this type of headphones
is that some full-size headphones often require an amp to help drive the headphones’ potential for the
best sound

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