How to Download Hotstar in Pc

How to Download Hotstar in Pc?

Hotstar is an online Indian live streaming platform launched in 2015, authorised and regulated by Star India. It provides us with the provision of movies of more than 9 languages with the association of contemporary serials as well as episodes of antecedent serials.

It involves the inclusion of sports contents which makes this platform rich in entertainment and enhances one’s sense of interest. It also offers paid subscriptions to better facilities. The premium model starts from Rs.199 for every month.

Another most remarkable feature of it is its VIP subscription. Its furnishers add-free experience. It is more or less very similar to a premium subscription but the amount of payment varies.

The allowance to watch live broadcasting of Cricket Premier League and Formula 1 comes with its a subscription.

How to Download Hotstar in Pc?

The prevalence of distinctive features makes Hotstar one of the most well known and well-used streaming services. As a result of computers covering more space and having huge screens compared to mere android, it is more comfortable and eye-soothing for users to enjoy their favourite shows, movies and sports on their personal computer.

There are certain steps to be followed to install Hotstar in Pc.

They are the following:

  • Firstly, it is mandatory to get an idea about the existence of an Android emulator in one’s respective Pc. Continuation of the process is totally dependent on the installation of the Android emulator. If it is not installed, one needs to visit the browser and set a quest for finding out the best emulator.
  • Reviews and results clearly prove that BlueStacks software including APK file and Nox are the best for the above purpose. They’re one of those highly recommended app players which are exclusively meant for enabling Android applications for smooth running PCs.
  • After one is done with the above curriculums, he/she must open BlueStacks and login to his Google account with the purpose of activating Google Play services.

Thus, it marks the completion of the installation process by making use of the third-party instrument. This may induce a better understanding of the whole matter.

So, the unofficial strategies need to be kept up with to get a greater result in Android as well as the home windows, that is the personal computer.

How to Obtain a Video from Hotstar?

It is fundamentally proven that Acethinker is one of the most qualitative and versatile video downloaders. However, the user might use his/her convenient video downloader.

The steps for the procedure are given below:

  • Firstly, one has to select a high qualitative video to watch it. There will be options presented to him regarding his decision about the quality of the video.

Then again, he is meant to click on the button of “Download Link”. Actually, it is the 1Mib batch CMD file that allows you to download one’s Hotstar video based on his preference.

  • Secondly, it is also feasible or desirable to copy the link and the link address via right-click. Now, the next step is to paste the link in the input box. For further proceeding, clicking on the fetch button is effective.
  • Thirdly, in Android, one can use an ES file manager or videoder. Both of them are very evidently available on Play store or chrome or my apps, as we call it. It is necessary to click on the Hotstar video which the customer wants to download.

Eventually, there will be a forward button shown below the video, he is meant to click that. After that, there will be certain download links shown on the screen. He has to choose his desired quality of the video which he is completely comfortable watching.

This is how the download will start. After the closure, it is suggested to visit Es file manager. The next step is opening the videoder option and copy-pasting it in any corner of his phone memory. Further, it is transferable to Pc as well.

How to Download Hotstar on Android?

  • The security search for unknown sources section states “Allow installation from unknown sources”. The mentioned app can undoubtedly let one download videos, that too from YouTube to one’s pc in an extremely straightforward and simple method.
  • The above illustration will provide one with a brief idea and steps that will act as a great source of help to install this glorious application on one’s personal computer in a very easy and rapid manner.
  • A lot of applications exist, for example, Voot which can run smoothly on one’s pc or laptop. In order to download the Hotstar app on Android, rather be more exact on your mobile, you need to make good use of the third-get together app. Play store is really beneficial in this case.

Additional Information

BlueStacks is a key element for the stimulation of Android apps on one’s Personal computer or laptop. It’s always a treat to the eyes for watching every desired reality show or anything for entertainment purposes with utmost comfort and ease.

Hotstar offers an offline mode of entertainment as well and that is the only reason why commoners are highly supportive towards the Hotstar community. BlueStacks installation helps in various ways. It leads one to avail any kind of show on his personal computer without the risk of registration.

Hotstar also provides uninterrupted network facilities as well as access to Hollywood Motion Pictures.


With respect to demography, Hotstar has been and is still one of the most promising streaming services of all time. Its versatility knows no bounds.

It acts as a mentor leading the users to browse the TV present as per their choice. One has the complete freedom of pausing or dismissing the obtain.

He is also bestowed with the liberty to name it YouTube or Vimeo various if he wishes to. Thus, to conclude, one thing that needs to be mentioned is the utility of streaming platforms.

It has been responsible for providing the root source of entertainment and has been successful in fulfilment of its motto.

It’s a platform that indulges or to be more precise and exact, promotes digitalization in terms of entertainment sources. There are several perspectives and consequences that cannot be denied or unaccepted.

It is moreover considered by many as the finest alternative of the Voot app. Today, we can say that Hotstar has successfully replaced Television as there is nothing not available in Hotstar that the television avails. For further details, kindly visit the official website of Hotstar.

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