How To Download Spotify Music For Free With AudFree Spotify Downloader

How To Download Spotify Music For Free With AudFree Spotify Downloader

Music has always been an escape. People of all ages and gender love to listen to music. There are numerous applications available on the internet today that allows you to download any music of your choice.

One such application is Spotify; it’s quite a popular name nowadays. Spotify provides free music streaming services to the users. Songs of different languages and different regions of the world are available here. The best part is, we can use this application for absolutely free. How can you do that? Well, that’s what we’re going to discuss here. So stay tuned for 2 minutes, till you read till the end and get to know all the necessary steps to follow to download Spotify music for free!!!

Note: There’s a paid version also available for this music app. Many people wish to download the song of their favorite artist for free. But the only issue is it does not allow its free users to download the pieces of their choice.

Therefore, we have come up with a solution that solves this issue for you guys. Using this super easy method, you can now download any song of your choice from the Spotify music app for free!!! We’ll discuss how Audfree Spotify Downloader can serve you in this process. Check out the step by step approach to download Spotify music for free here below.

What is Audfree Spotify Downloader?

Spotify has more than 40 million songs available for the users to enjoy, but the application does not allow its free users to download the music on their devices. With Audfree Spotify Downloader, you can do it quickly.

Audfree Spotify Downloader is an innovative application with various features and functionalities designed explicitly for Spotify music addicts.

This application allows you to download Spotify tunes for free with no loss in quality. You can easily convert Spotify music to mp3 using this application and other formats like M4A, FLAC, WAV, AAC, and more.

Just two things that one might get irritated with are,

  1. There is limited time given for the trial version.
  2. There must be too many ads for the free users.

However, in terms of overall performance, this is the best software for downloading Spotify music files. Moreover, the users can keep the Spotify tracks forever on their devices.

What Are The Salient Features Of AudFree Spotify Downloader?

Some of the salient features that Audfree Spotify Downloader holds are mentioned in the following.

  • Free download

We know that a premium subscription is required to download the songs from Spotify. But by using this software, you can download any Spotify song effortlessly.

  • Great speed

The software allows the users to download songs easily and at an incredible speed. It will enable one to convert the songs five times faster than any other application present today.

  • Easily portable

The software can run on any device quickly and smoothly.

  • Retains quality

There is no quality loss using this software as it preserves 100% original audio quality.

  • User-friendly

The software is easy to use, understand and manage.

  • Editing facilities

It allows one to edit the output audio parameters, including the bit rate, sample rate, and more.

  • Supports multiple file types

The software supports almost all types of file conversions; it can convert Spotify music files to any file format such as MP3, WAV, FLAC, AAC, M4A, etc.

How To Download Music Using Audfree Spotify Downloader Effortlessly?

Audfree Spotify Downloader is available for all devices. To know how to download music files using Audfree Spotify Downloader, follow the steps given below.

Step 1: Launch Audfree & log in to Spotify.

Visit Audfree official website and download the Windows version of the Spotify Downloader. When you launch the tool on your device, it will open automatically, and now you can log in to the Spotify account and search for your favorite music. (Incase if you do not have a Spotify account, then make sure you create one for free.)

                                                      Audfree Conversion panel

                                                    Log in to Spotify Account

Step 2: Add the music file to the Audfree Conversion panel

Now you have to add Spotify songs to Audfree. Once you do this, you are now allowed to drag them to the conversion panel of Audfree. Or else, you can copy and paste the link of the track to the given space.

                                           Copy and Paste the link of the Spotify track

Step 3: Set the Output file type & download location

You can customize the output file type as per your choice, like MP3, WAV, FLAC, M4A, etc. And also the download location on your device.

                                    Select the download location through browsing

Step 4: Convert & Download

Now you are all set to click on the “Convert” button. It will download the song on your device and to the specific location you have set earlier.

                                       Convert & Download the Spotify music file

Step 5: Store/ Transfer the file anywhere

Once the downloading is done, you can transfer the music to any folder or device of your choice and can enjoy listening to it anytime and anywhere, with/without an internet connection.


Most of the downloader applications available on the web today are full of bugs or have not been updated for a long time. Audfree, on the other hand, is something you will never regret using; the app gets updated weekly. This powerful yet simple tool will impress the users with its blazing speed and intuitive user interface. Once you start using this application, there is no turning back. It is one of the most trusted downloader tools used by millions of users globally, and people are satisfied with it.

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