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How To Dump RV Waste at Home

How To Dump RV Waste at Home

When substances mix together from RV waste systems, it puts harmful chemicals into the soil. Dumping waste on the ground doesn’t only hurt the environment. It can spread disease and cause a terrible odor to stick around for weeks.

While it’s legal to learn how to dump RV waste at home and do it the right way, many countries have regulations in place to prevent the problems listed above.

Dumping waste isn’t the most glamorous part of owning an RV by any means, but it’s not as difficult to do as you may think. Check out this guide to learn how it’s done.

Dump RV Waste

Where to Dump the RV Waste

If you have a Fleetwood Discovery RV found here, there are a few ways you can dump your waste.

The first and easiest option is your toilet. You can dump black or grey waste into the bowl. Just make sure you’re not flushing a large number of solids, as it could clog your toilet.

If you have access to your septic tank, you can open the lid and empty your RV using a sewer hose.

RV owners with a large amount of grey waste (and grey waste only) can dispose of it in a dry well.

Treat Your Tank

Whatever method you decide to use, you need to first treat your tank with a microorganism. It will help break down any solid waste. This will make it easier for the black and grey water to pass through any hoses or tubes.

If you don’t perform this crucial step, when you dump the waste, you risk clogging your toilet or destroying your septic tank.

Locate Your Sewer Line

If you’re going to use the septic tank method, park your RV close to your sewer line. You should notice a stub sticking out of the ground with a screw off top. Grass tends to grow over the hatch over time, so don’t be discouraged if you don’t spot it right away.

Grab your sewer hose and attach it to the RV’s wastewater pipe. The other end will go to the septic tank’s access port.

Drain the Waste

Once you have the hose in position, open the RV’s black water waste port and allow it to drain. When that port finishes emptying, you’re going to do the same thing to the grey water one.

There may be waste stuck at the end of the hose. Put on a pair of gloves and push the clog out manually. After you’re done, close the septic tank’s access hatch and clean your hose attachment if need be.

How to Dump RV Waste at Home the Right Way

The worst part of buying an RV is getting rid of the waste. The most common methods of how to dump RV waste at home are pouring it into the toilet or running it into the septic tank. If you’re only dumping grey waste, you can use a dry well.

No matter which option you choose, be sure to hold your nose and arm yourself with a pair of gloves. For more tips that will help you maintain your RV, visit the Automobile section of our blog.

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