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How To Find The Best Doctor For Kidney Stone Treatment In Delhi?

All of us are aware of the intense pain and miseries associated with the condition kidney stones. These stones require proper treatment to be removed from the body safely. The best suited-treatment for kidney stones depends upon the size of the stone.

Also, to make sure that the treatment is effective, you should choose a highly qualified and experienced doctor. Through this blog, you will gain more clarity on how to find the best doctor to treat kidney stones in Delhi. If you are already residing in Delhi, then your job of finding the best doctor becomes even easier as you won’t have to travel from another city.

Well this piece of information will prove to benefit people from even any other metro city like Delhi. So, lets begin with the useful insights for you.

Ways to find the best doctor for the kidney stone treatment in Delhi:

  • Thorough research of doctor’s qualification and past records- Before choosing any doctor, make sure that you do proper research. Ensure that the doctor is certified with a known medical authority and is skilled in the treatment of kidney stones and other urological conditions. Do a background check to know how many patients the doctor has treated and the success rates of the treatments.
  • Word of mouth (recommendations) from close people can help- If you are unsure about which doctor to choose, recommendations can be a great way to clear the doubts. Ask your friends, relatives or other acquaintances to recommend a good urologist and then prepare a list of the doctors. Look up on the internet and check the doctors’ ratings and reviews. Also, keep in mind factors like affordability and ease of commute.
  • Do not neglect the quality of the hospital where the doctor works- It is not just the expertise of the doctor that matters. In most cases, it is a team of doctors that performs the surgery. Therefore, ensuring the quality of the hospital also matters a lot. Evaluate the overall quality of the hospital and make sure that the staff at the hospital is friendly. Also, ensure that the hospital keeps up with the medical regulations and guidelines.
  • Prefer a specialist who offers video consultation during COVID 19 time- The world is going through a hard time with the SARS-COV-2 and stepping out every other day is a little risky. Therefore, it is better to opt for a kidney stone specialist who provides the option of video consultations. This way, you can seek medical advice from the safety of your home.
  • Insurance coverage plays a crucial role- Affordability is one of the most crucial aspects of treatment. Thus, make sure that the hospital you choose participates in your health insurance. Also, ask about the ease of insurance claim settlements and the time and paperwork required to get the insurance settled. The process should be convenient and you should not be required to run after the insurance authorities.
  • Availability of modern, lesser invasive treatments- Many a time, it is seen that complications in the treatment arise as a result of conventional and complex treatment procedures. Therefore, ask the doctor about the kidney stone treatments they offer. It is recommended to prefer a doctor who performs modern surgeries (laparoscopic surgery, laser treatment or shock wave lithotripsy). Combined with the expertise of the doctor, these surgeries will help ensure a pain-free and seamless treatment.

Benefits of choosing non-invasive treatment for kidney stone?

Laparoscopic surgery, laser lithotripsy and shock wave lithotripsy are the modern and advanced procedures for kidney stone treatment. These techniques do not carry out any major cuts or stitches on the body, and hence are minimally invasive in nature. These modern surgeries also offer a number of added advantages over the conventional surgical methods.

All the three modern surgeries for kidney stones are absolutely painless and safe with 100% success rate. The laser and shockwave lithotripsy are performed as daycare procedures, which means that you can avoid any inconvenience and long hospital stays. There is no risk of complications after the procedure and the recovery is smooth. The downtime is short and you’ll recover completely within a couple of days. One such healthcare provider (among the finest) that provides all the three modern kidney stone treatments is Pristyn Care. They have numerous clinics at different locations in Delhi and also in other metro cities also. Thus, it is not tough to contact them to consult a specialist.


With the prior right information, it becomes easier to find a fine doctor to treat kidney stones with precision. At first, this may seem to be a long task but choosing the right doctor can save you from any  potential dangers of not undergoing a proper treatment.

If you are currently suffering from kidney stones, make sure to get in touch with the right doctor without any further delays.  And yes, keep yourself hydrated and active before and after the kidney stone treatment.

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