How To Fix The External Hard Drive Not Showing Up

How To Fix The External Hard Drive Not Showing Up?

USB hard drives are the easiest way to transfer data from one place to another. They are portable, easy to carry, and do not require high maintenance. However, sometimes these hard drives get damaged due to some mechanical fault or human errors and they do not show up in the operating system. The USBA hard drives get corrupted, virus infected, RAW partition lost files, or maybe the USB port is broken or damaged. When the external hard drive is severely damaged, the user may need to compromise the data. Here are some best working methods that can help to recover data from the hard drives.

1.    Change the USB port :

Check the USB port of your device, maybe the device is unable to detect the USB port due to some mechanical fault in the USB port. In such cases, shut down your operating device and leave it for few minutes. Then restart the computer and plug in the USB hard drive. If this method is not working, change the USB port and plug it in other USB ports. By changing the USB port, the hard drive shows up on your computer.

2.    Change the USB port cable:

If your USB is working is good, there might be some issue with your cable. The damaged port cable or opened port cable does not work on the device. The best solution, in this case, is to change the USB cable or repair it. If the problem is still not fixed, look for other alternate solutions.

3.    Update Windows driver on your PC:

If the USB port is working fine, maybe there is some issue with your hard drive. Update the hard drive on your PC, then it will start showing up. Follow these simple steps to update the hard drive on your PC.

  • Hold the window+R button at the same time and then type devmgmt. msc in the Run box and then click OK.
  • Then click on the disk drive and right-click on the external USB drive.
  • Then select properties and click the driver tab.
  • Click on the update driver option and the system will automatically recover the hard drive and fix the problem in it.

4.    Rename the external hard disk

Your external hard drive or USB flash drive may not have a drive name. You can identify it by opening the disk manager

  • Right click on the “Start” menu or open the run window with the “Windows” and “R” keys and type diskmgmt.msc ). Identify it by the size of the disks indicated. 
  • Right click on the disk and click on “change letter and paths …” and then on “Add” and assign a letter to your hard drive. It should now be recognized and visible in the File Explorer and My Computer. 

5.    Use data recovery software:

If the hard drive has a file that is not supported on the device or the hard drive becomes RAW, it will not appear on your device. The hard drive may show up on the device, but the data in the hard drive is missing due to partition loss. In order to fix this issue, you should first focus on recovering the data then repairing the hard drive. There are many data recovery software available that can recover data from a  corrupted or virus-infected hard drive, such as iBoysoft Data Recovery. The software is a free data recovery tool available for both Windows and Mac. It does not recreate a damaged partition in any way but only gives access to this partition in order to be able to recover the data (at least as long as these files are not themselves corrupted). Indeed, iBoysoft Data Recovery are content to detect all partitions, list the various recoverable files, and then restore all of them.

6.    Get Professional help:

If the external hard drive has troubleshot errors, it will not appear on the device. The dead hard drive cannot be processed on the hard drive, in such cases, you need to consult experts. Do not mess with your hard drive and let the experts resolve the issue and perform data recovery.


These are the best solutions for the hard drive which is not showing up on the device. If the problem is still not fixed, then the hard drive may be severely damaged and it needs to be repaired by experts. If the warranty of this hard drive is available, then claim it.

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