How To Import Products in Woocommerce?

The digital platform is developing with all its prowess and glory. It is one of the best mediums to get in touch with the fast-paced world and connect with clients who can guarantee to boost your business and take it to the next possible level.

Woocommerce is one such platform that delivers the most promising framework for online stores. This allows you to link your e-store with your WordPress site.  It is applicable not only for small scale ones but for large scale businesses as well. Absolutely interesting isn’t it?

Knowing what Woocommerce does…

Launched in the year 2011, Woocommerce was one of the best plugins and was acquired by WordPress in the year 2015. Since then it has been their biggest acquisition. 

Only with a few clicks, you can easily link your WordPress site with your eCommerce store and your clients can enjoy purchasing the products that you have to offer.

The plugin has a very easy to administer interface and is widely popular among the masses for the simplicity that it has to offer. On a rough estimate, it can be seen that Woocommerce is roughly put into action by at least 3.9 million websites on an average worldwide.

Importing Products in Woocommerce:

Most people shop online and buying products works just like an instinct for them. Therefore it is very natural that you showcase your products in your online store from where they can pick and choose.

There are usually two ways to go about it :

A.            Using the Built-In product CSV importer in Woocommerce

B.            Use a Third-party plugin.

Both of these options are quite easy to administer however there are some added features when you use the plugin.

Steps to follow if using a CSV Importer:

1.            If you are someone who already possesses an online store then all you need to do is export the product as a prefilled CSV file.

2.            It is a fairly simple process and in most cases, all you need to do is just tap on the “export” button which is present in either the product management page or the settings page.

3.            The other option is if you are completing an amateur in this field and your products are saved nowhere then you have to initiate by creating an XLSX file by deploying Microsoft Excel.

You could choose the title for the columns based on the information of the product you want to display.

4.            Finally, after you have filled out the columns for your CSV file, you can choose to save the file in CSV format.

5.            There are certain guidelines that you need to keep in mind while filling out the files which include :

•             The files should be in UTF-8 format.

•             Using Boolean values instead of 1 or 0.

•             Using URLs for product images.

•             Separating multiples values by a comma.

•             Use the dates according to the local time of the store.

Using the built-in feature you could import the products by:

1.            Clicking on the “products ” option in the WordPress dashboard.

2.            Tap on “import ” to initiate.

3.            Click on the “choose file” and tap on the CSV file you want to import.

4.            If you want to update product details then choose the option and update the existing information.

5.            Next, map the columns and match them with the names in your CSV file.

6.            Finally, you need to run the importer and wait for the product to get imported.

Importing Products Using Plug-In:

Using the plugin will lend a bit more flexibility. The steps to follow are:

•             Install the plugin.

•             It will be showing under the Woocommerce tab as the option “Product Import-Export”. Tap on it and finally switch to Product Import to initiate the process.

•             After this step, the process is quite similar to using a CSV importer.

•             Finally, select the CSV file, choose the delimiter,  map the columns and finally click on the “import” button.

When it comes to Woocommerce, it is right now the biggest e-commerce platform and is known to be a great acquisition by WordPress. This platform is a MESSIAH to most of the large and small e enterprises that wish to add their eCommerce stores with them.

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