How to Increase Sales on Amazon

How to Increase Sales on Amazon

Though there is a lot of competition out there, Amazon can be a great eCommerce platform for online sellers when you get it right. The huge number of shoppers who use Amazon makes it easy to see why so many sellers are setting out on Amazon to start their business. To increase sales on Amazon you have to keep up with the competition and quickly learn what is working and what is not. Increased sales mean that more people will engage with your brand, more people will review your items and more people will communicate with you.  But the question is “How to increase sales?” To help you out in increasing sales, here in this post, I am going to share a few tips.

Analyze your competition:  The very first step in increasing sales in any online store is to understand the competition. Though competition research can be conducted at any time, it is good to research before you start selling products on Amazon. The best way to carry out research is to search your competitor’s pages for Amazon listing.  Proper search analysis includes the following;

  • One way to stay informed about their business practices and promotional activities are to review their products periodically.
  • Read the customer feedback and Q&A page of your competitor. You can thus find out what their customers complain about and customize your products to address those issues/concerns.
  • Check how often your competitor updates the product’s photos and descriptions and other content of the page.
  • Check out which products are doing well to see if there is an opportunity to run a cross-promotion of pages with those complementary products. In fact, by reading their customer reviews, you can also learn a lot from the most successful ones and gain insight into what their customers loved most.
  • Find out if the comments of your competitors are growing faster than your own, and if so, find out why.

Optimize your title: Titles are one of the easiest ways to catch the attention of a buyer, so maximize the best out of it. You should be successful if you follow the general brand name strategy + product name + features (e.g. color, width, gender, use, etc.). By following this strategy, you will not only tell shoppers about what your product is, but you will also be able to focus on high-ranking keywords.

Make competitive price strategy: competition on Amazon is high, with prices being the greatest differentiator setting one seller apart from another. Excellent reviews, good descriptions, and decent packaging can only go far. So, you need to ensure that your product is of the highest-quality and sold at the highest competitive price possible. Without compromising productivity, you can make the price more competitive. You can use the Amazon marketplace’s intense price competition to assess which products are worth promoting and only sell products that provide a reasonable return while staying competitively priced. Nonetheless, it is important to remember to take all your costs into account when pricing your items, including Amazon category fees and shipping.

Research for high-volume keywords: Amazon doesn’t require a large number of keywords like Google for more traffic. So, use as many related keywords as possible instead of repeating the keywords.

Improve your images: One of the fastest ways to get a buyer’s attention is with images of the highest quality. To get the most attractive images it’s worth sending your product images to professional photo editing experts. Your main page will be more attractive and informative with a great image. Also, try putting your product images in a lifestyle situation so that consumers can see how to use it.

Win the Buy Box: Winning the popular Amazon Buy Box is another way to increase your Amazon sales. This buy box can be found on the right side of the product page, greatly increases the chances of customers buying your items over others. Amazon picks qualifying sellers from sellers offering the same items for the buy box. The selection criteria include the seller’s overall performance in cost, availability, shipping options.

Offer discounts: Discounts are a crucial way to convert highly motivated consumers and create lasting relationships. Daily deals and big discounts for your product category could land you at #1.  This also opens up the possibility of appearing under the categories Hot Deals and “New & Noteworthy” on the Amazon home page, resulting in a massive amount of traffic. This also allows your related products to be exposed, which can also be seen on the page. Also, allows customers to see your other deals at a glance and maybe entice them to purchase one of your full-price items.

Get feedback and reviews: The power of customer reviews is massive, 88 percent of customers now claim they have as much trust in online reviews as personal recommendations. Consider comments that include media. Video reviews or a product picture review might work wonders. If you know the locals who enjoyed your product, go to them. Gathering reviews outside of Amazon is also a great way to increase your reviews and improve your rating with Amazon. When a new product is launched, it is a particularly good technique.

Amazon sponsored ads: Amazon advertising has become quite popular on Amazon. It is one of the best ways to promote and boost sales of products. Using Amazon Sponsored Advertising can also produce reports that let you know what people are looking for and how many of them purchased your items.

Follow the rules and regulations: It’s very important to stick with Amazon’s rules and regulations. Compliance with these laws is vital to your business’ life because Amazon will suspend or ban your account for violating a rule.

Conclusion: Selling on Amazon often involves providing consumers with a consistent and high-quality experience, optimizing the search listings, and remaining competitive by updating products all day long. Simple steps such as opting into Amazon Prime, using Sponsored Products, and delivering reliable, high-quality experience will improve the results over time, and ultimately qualify for the Buy Box, Amazon’s Choice badges, and other perks that will boost sales as well.

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