How to sale property

How to Sell Property Quickly

Now a day, the foremost problem for sellers is to sell the property.

Here are the 7 popular tips to sell the property easily:-

Target buyer who is shifting/shifted recently to the city or stay in some other city

In my opinion, I can say that a seller can easily sell the property if the potential buyer/person is not from the same city. There are many people who don’t prefer to stay on rent basis rather they would purchase a property for a lifetime basis. But in case of localizing people, they will take long to purchase the property because they would check more than 50-60 properties before closing the deal and localities would mostly focus on demerits of the property as they stay longer in that place.  That really how simple it is!

Visual impact/ video Ad

Nowadays, this strategy is used by almost all of the sellers to sell the property as it is very easy to shoot or make a video of the property in the phone and share the videos in social media channels like WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, etc.  While shooting it is better option to explain the details like furnishing, benefits, facing, attributes, etc.

Personal/Emotional Touch

Every seller has some memories associated with the property. The whole idea is to market those best memories through personal and emotional touch depending on the profile of the buyer. This is quite an innovative strategy which no one knows.

I give you an example. One of my clients was a manager. Coincidentally the seller was also a manager. The seller was on an offshore project for 3 years. In that time I suggested my client to make a sales pitch that property is lucky for him. After the purchase of this property, he got an opportunity for an offshore project. Believe me, he immediately handed over the money to the seller.

Buyer Profiling

It basically represents the type of personality, profession, family background, etc the buyer has. Here, the main objective is to strike the right chord with the potential buyer to sell the property.

For example, you found that the wife of a buyer likes silent on the premises. So, according to that, you highlighted how society is well equipped and eco-friendly with a silent beauty.

De-sell other choices

It is okay to de-sell other properties until the seller is not telling a lie or misleading the buyer.  This is a very well known strategy to de-sell other properties. You understand this strategy by taking a conversation between buyer and seller.

Suppose Mr. X was planning to sell his flat. He was in an urgent need of money for the education of his daughter. You told him to check with the potential buyer which all apartments he is evaluating.  After that, you told him to make a list of negatives of this apartment like a small parking facility, etc. So, in this way, the buyer should have a positive effect on the seller and do not sound negativity towards him. 


It’s human nature to think that what we like, others will also like the same while it is impossible but it is also a strategy. To understand this strategy I take an example, suppose I like blue color which is offbeat and my own choice. But the buyer who wants to buy the property doesn’t like the blue color at all. So, in this case, we may stand the buyers side and say that your choice is better and it performs a neutral opinion for the seller.

Reason for sale

The reason for sale should be in a positive manner otherwise buyers may have seen any other property that he may like.  In my opinion, the best reason to quote is that we are upgrading to bigger or luxurious property. It gives a lot of positive vibe to the potential buyer. It is perceived that the property was a lucky mascot for you as a seller.

Lastly, I want to say that selling a property is not a monopoly market and without marketing techniques, you might struggle to sell a property quickly.

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