How To Use Thumbshots In Carrom? Learn Carrom Thumbing Rules Here

How To Use Thumbshots In Carrom? Learn Carrom Thumbing Rules Here

Carrom is a tabletop game that is one of the most interesting games. It has different names in different languages. Mini carrom tournaments are held in cafes and shops in Asia. It is a commonly played game by families, friends, children, and in social functions. Fan following of this game is huge and using backshots in this game gives super vibes. Most of the players like carrom playing with their thumb, it gives a pro feeling.

But this game follows some certain strict rules to be followed so you must be aware of Carrom thumbing rules. Although the game is for the public domain, there are no standard rules for what different rules exist as per their areas.

Striking with thumb shot in carrom

As you are well aware of the term thumbshot that is striking the coin with the thumb is known as thumbshot or thumbing. This style of striking a coin in a carrom game is known as backshot. Players of carrom fix a baseline to play from. So, they use their thumb for striking. Thoughts are to strike backward and this is allowed in tournaments and international Carrom laws.

But if we talk about casual carrom games, players are allowed to move around and choose their baseline. So, in that game, one can only shoot in a forward direction not in backward so the thumbshots are not allowed. Both points are covered in Carrom thumbing rules, let’s explore more.

Styles to strike with thumb

  • Striking with middle finger and thumb: This is known as the forward shot, which is one of the most popular striking styles in the carrom gameplay. While playing, keep your hand steady on the board and rest your thumb on the board beside the striker. And immediately position the middle finger on the board behind the middle age of the striker and try to touch the tiger only with your fingernail.
  • With index finger and thumb striking: This one is also the most popular style and many beginners use this way to strike because it is easy to flick the fingers. The shot using the index finger is also called the forward short similar to the middle finger. This is really the easiest and commonly used style.
  • Thumbshot: As already mentioned that the thumbshot is using the thumb for shooting. In this shot, the thumb should be immediately behind the middle area of the striker. Just remember the carrom thumbing rules while trying this shot.

All the striking styles can be sharpened with practice. You can also practice carrom by online playing. Yes, many apps offer carrom games. There is an app Getmega that offers this game. You can play carrom or other exciting games with your friends and family on this app and earn exciting prizes by participating and winning different games and tournaments.

Some rules to be kept in mind while playing the game:

To score in this game, the player needs to shoot again and again to pot species and cover the queen. The player decides a goal and that is to cover the queen from the start of the game. In carrom, there is no such rule that restricts a player to shoot again and again without the opponent being given a chance to shoot. 

And to win the queen, the player needs to pocket the queen and then immediately pocketing one of the carrom men in that shot. If the player fails to pocket, then the queen will not be pocketed and returned to the table center. One cannot pocket the queen after the last piece and the reason behind it is that it is illegal as the Queen must always be covered.

There are several shots a player tries to score the maximum carrom men and queen on the first go. The shot including the use of the thumb is basically known as thumbing and it is allowed by the international carrom federation also. According to them, you can use any finger and thumb to shoot. Thumb shoot is also known for the term thumb hit.

Points to remember while thumbing or pocketing

You may consider them as Carrom thumbing rules.

  • To avoid foul while pocketing that should not cross the diagonal lines of the carrom board by your touch. Your striking hand should not be in touch with the diagonal line. If you commit a foul, then you need to return an already pocketed carrom man.
  • There is one more thing to avoid foul play. While coming you need to focus on the striker so that it should not be pocketed. If the striker is pocketed, the player has to pay the penalty that is usually 10 points. 
  • Few games do not allow the back shots; only forward shots are accepted so be aware of the type of gameplay before using your thumb.
  • Also, remember that you have to use the same hand thumb about the gameplay from which you have started the game. That means if you still have your left thumb once, then you cannot use the right one in the next turn. Therefore, you cannot use both arms at the same time.
  • One can shoot at different angles with the change of hand direction according to the position of the carrom men.


Carom is one of the most popular games that is enjoyed by millions of people throughout the world. It has a huge fan following in India and South Asia. It has different rules for different areas where it is played but is easy to deal with. It can be played with children at home, with colleagues in the office or with relatives and friends at social functions too. Now can also be played online like on Getmega, a popular gaming app. There are various rules and styles mentioned above to make you aware of Carrom thumbing rules as most people love the thumbshots. Hope you are well aware now. Keep playing and have fun!!

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