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ICICI Bank Balance Check

ICICI Bank Balance Check Number: Things You Should Know About

ICICI Bank is one of the most renowned banks in the country and is known for its quality service and timely assistance with features like account balance checks. The bank offers customers several ways to check their account balance and track their financial standing as per their preference and convenience. ICICI Bank account holders can easily access their account information online and offline and check their transaction details.

Keeping track of account details helps to understand one’s financial standing and identifies major expenses and the scope of slashing unwarranted ones.

That said, let us proceed to check out the different ICICI Bank balance check numbers and how to use them to gain the required information.

Top ways to check ICICI Bank account balance

1. Missed Call

You can check your ICICI Bank account balance free of cost and from anywhere by simply giving a missed call to the following number:

Check your account balance by dialing:9594 612 612

Get ICICI Bank MIni statement number to get details of the last 3 transactions by dialing: 9594 613 613

Notably, to access Bank balance details through the Missed Call service, you must use a mobile number registered with your ICICI Bank account.

Steps to make ICICI Balance Enquiry via missed call banking

Step 1: Dial the ICICI Bank balance check number from your registered mobile number

Step 2: Wait for the call to connect and ring

Step 3: Once the call gets disconnected, you will receive an SMS with your ICICI Bank Account balance details on your registered mobile number

In case you have not registered with the bank’s missed call service make it a point to get it done as soon as possible to access the ICICI Bank Balance check features.

How to register for the ICICI Bank Balance Enquiry by Missed Call?

The  ICICI Balance Check by Missed Call is made available to those Bank account holders who have registered their mobile numbers with the bank to enjoy its SMS Banking service offerings.

Account holders who want to enjoy the convenience of ICICI Balance enquiry by missed call must register for SMS alerts by visiting their Bank branch and completing the required formality.

2. ICICI Bank balance check via SMS banking

If you opt for this method to check your account balance, you must send an SMS to a designated number from your registered mobile number.

Here are the steps to check your balance

Step 1: Go to create SMS

Step 2: Type “IBAL”

Step 3: Send it to 9215676766

Once these steps are covered, you will instantly receive your account details on your phone.

However, if you have more than one account at ICICI Bank, you will have to send ‘IBAL’ <space> the last 6 digits of the account number whose balance you want to check to 9215676766.

Subsequently, you will receive a message with your account details.

ICICI balance enquiry via customer care number

You can also call the ICICI Bank customer care number to raise a Bank balance enquiry.

Dial 1860 120 7777 from your registered mobile number and follow the steps suggested accessing your account detail.

Note that these numbers are exclusive to the customers of ICICI Bank, account holders of Bank of Baroda or Allahabad Bank will not be able to check their account details with these numbers. In order to check Bank of Baroda details, customers need to find the Bank of Baroda balance enquiry number.

Online methods to check ICICI Bank account balance

  1. ICICI Bank Net Banking

ICICI Bank also offers net banking services to its customers. If you have registered for the internet banking service, you can access it to check your ICICI Bank account balance. As a registered customer, all you need to do is log into ICICI net banking portal as and when required and access the needed account detail right away.

Follow these steps to access your Bank account balance details easily:

Step 1: Log in to ICICI Bank net banking portal

Step 2: Enter your User ID and your password to log into the portal

Step 3: Check your ICICI Bank balance on the portal’s dashboard

You can check the account balance of all the accounts held with the Bank within a few seconds. You may also check previous transactions and ICICI Bank account mini statements and make transactions through the net banking facility.

However, if you have not registered for the ICICI net banking service, you have to visit the nearest branch of the Bank and register for the service right away.

B. Check the balance of ICICI Bank Mobile Banking

ICICI Bank customers can also check their account balances and transact via ICICI banking apps. For instance, you can use iMobile banking app to access several features and services. The app is available on Google Play Store and Apple App Store and allows customers to check balances, make transactions, transfer funds, view ICICI mini bank statements and access detailed email statements.

You can also use the ICICI Bank’s vernacular mobile banking app Mera Mobile that’s available in 12 languages, to make payments and access other services. Similarly, the Bank also offers iBizz ICICI Corporate Banking app to current account customers.

Offline methods to check the balance of ICICI Bank passbook

  1. ICICI Bank balance check via Passbook

Every account holder is given a passbook at the time of bank account opening. The ICICI Bank passbook records all transactions and payments the account holder receives. You can check your account balance through your ICICI Bank passbook by visiting your Bank branch. Typically, customers who are not very tech-savvy prefer this method to check their monthly transactions and account balance.

  1. ICICI Bank balance check via ATM

You can also visit your nearest ICICI Bank ATM or any third-party ATM to check your account ICICI Balance enquiry. Here are the quick steps to follow to check your balance at an ATM:

Step 1: Insert your ICICI Bank ATM card

Step 2: Select the Balance Enquiry option

Step 3: The account balance will be displayed on the machine’s screen You can also take out a print of the account details and provide a record of the last few transactions. Hence, these are a few methods of ICICI Bank balance checks. You can pick any of these methods and stay updated about your account balance.

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