Wedding Cuisines

Ideas for Wedding Cuisines

The wedding day should be one of the best days of our lives, but planning it to be so can take a lot of energy and effort. There is so much to consider, and one of those aspects is food! Food is an important part of any large party or gathering and when it comes to a wedding – it is no different!

If you are wondering what kind of food you should serve up to your guests on your big day but do not know where to start, read on for some excellent suggestions.

 Traditional Three Course

The traditional three-course is a classic for many reasons. It is sophisticated, offers a starter, main, and desert, which is many people’s idea of a dream evening. There is also often a decent amount of choice, so everyone can choose something they prefer, rather than all having to eat the same thing.

You can also often negotiate a reasonable price for a wedding venue that already serves set menus as well, which means that everything is in-house and taken care of in the same place.

Hog Roast

For those that are opting for a summer wedding and like the great outdoors with something a little casual, then a hog roast might be an excellent option. They are a great option for those with a medium budget, and you can also often choose additional extras such as salads and other sides so that everything is covered for a full hog roast meal. Hog roasts also make an excellent choice for a late-night snack, as guests can tend to get peckish after a long day at a wedding – not to forget that you might be too!

Classic Buffet

A buffet is a great classic for a wedding for those who want something a little more casual and want the dinner element of the reception to take a more natural course.
Much like canapés, you can get some exceptional ‘finger foods’ for a stunning wedding party.

If making them yourself sounds like your idea of fun, then there are plenty of recipes you can get your hands on that would be fit for a king,such as smoked salmon blinis, garlic shrimp, or tomato and cheese bruschetta. If you would rather get some caterers to do the hard work (and we do not blame you), you will more than likely be able to get a variety of different options and a larger quantity of them if you are inviting a large guest list.

 Themed Food

Some people like to get creative and opt for a themed wedding, and with every themed ceremony, many also like a themed reception! This could be anything from quality American classics such as mac and cheese and sloppy joes to fresh tacos and stuffed burritos. Just make sure that there is an option for anyone who might have an intolerance, and if you are opting for a predominantly spicy menu, then make sure your guests can choose a mild version of whatever you are serving.

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