Important Things to know about Vidmate

You may hear about many good apps but as soon as you will start using Vidmate you will start falling in love with this app, this app offers everything which is useful for you. I am also using this app and I found it one of the best apps that I have ever used. This app comes with so great features that are not still available in any other apps.

How can you use Vidmate

As Vidmate is a third party app you can’t download it from Google play store or any other app stores you directly need to install it from its official website. You can also download it on your computer but for now, it’s not available in IOS. For using this app you just need to go to Vidmate’s official website and download it and then just start enjoying the features of this awesome app also you can go to the app and just type the name of the video you want to download and you will start getting available data.

How is Vidmate different from other apps?

Vidmate is an amazing app with great features; its main features which make it different from other apps are;

  • In Vidmate you can download any videos you like from social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and most importantly YouTube the only thing you need to do is just copy the link of the video you like and go to the Vidmate app and paste it done! Your video is ready to be downloading.
  • You can download the video in any formats like 360p, 1080p.
  • You can also install apps from this app.
  • You can also access your social media accounts like Facebook, Instagram, etc through this app.
  • You can even download your friends Whatsapp status on this app.
  • In the app, Vidmate you get the feature of downloading new or old movies or of film industries like Bollywood, Hollywood, Telugu, Tamil, etc.
  • You can also download music or songs in good quality and of any video in Vidmate.
  • You can also play free games like City Racing, Ultimate boxing, highway rider, etc.

Is Vidmate safe to use

I have been using this app for two years and till now I haven’t found any issues with this app. But as we all know that Vidmate is not available in Google, surely Google may found some inappropriate issues in Vidmate so it doesn’t allow it to be in its store. It works on the principle of side loading means it is downloaded in an APK form which could be quiet risky for users as their data could be bypassed. But there’s no problem using Vidmate until and unless you have downloaded it from its official website. Never download Vidmate from non trusted websites.


In this article, I have talked about the important features of Vidmate and had given you much more information about the app. I have also shared my experience of using this app. On average I can say that Vidmate is a very good app and you can use it. Thus if you still didn’t have Vidmate app what are you waiting for just go and download it to start your journey of endless videos of good quality.

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