Indoor Games Every 90's Kid Would Relate To

Indoor Games Every 90’s Kid Would Relate To

If time was ever a machine, we all would have liked to travel in it to play our favorite games that have now almost eradicated. Thanks to online games that have replaced all the classic games that were the bygone days’ charm. In this blog, we have enlisted a couple of games that every 90’s kid would miss.

List of Indoor Games Played in the ’90s

1. Carom

There would be hardly any who has not played carom at least once in a lifetime. The game has witnessed many fights between siblings, jokes, and discussions. It is one of the best ways to kill time and most sought after entertaining games for the vacations in the gone era. These days, the online carom game has replaced the classic game. Now they have carom apps as well, which are easy to download and play. However, it does not have the same charm that we used to have back in the day.

2. Hopscotch

This is one of the fantastic games that we used to playback in the day. This indoor game was massively popular. We have had to aim at the stacked coins with a ball. Hitting that stack in one go was considered to be a significant achievement and ultimate thrill. The game still has its charm, especially in the minds of every 90’s kid. Fortunately, this game can also be played online. However, it does not have the same excitement that we used to have.

3. Run and Chase Tag

It is probably the very first game that all the kids of the ’90s would have played. This was one of the compulsory games that we used to play with our siblings and friends. It was the most basic form of the chase games where all we have to do was run after our friend to catch them. The game has many variations that include stone man, color chase, and many more to name. The game is still popular. Like other games, this, too, is available online.

4. Ludo

Ludo is amongst the most played game in the country. Along with huge excitement and fun, the game included a lot of shouting. Remember how you used to shout when you would about to lose the game or found someone cheating. This game, too, has marked its presence in the digital space with the online ludo games that you can play with your siblings and friends even while sitting miles away from them.

5. Kho Kho

Well, this might be regarded as an indoor game. However, we have to include this in our list of games every 90’s kid to relate to. Taking the name of this game would strike so many memories. The game was generally played in the school, and for the same, we all have had an earful from our teachers as the game involved pushing. The game required 8-10 people. Players were divided into two groups, and the game was played with maximum excitement. The tricks and hacks that we used in the game helped us to craft our skills better. The game helped in the mental and physical growth that made us strong that we are today. Since kids, today like to play most of the online games. Thus, the craze for this game is declining. There have been many times that we 90’s kid was tempted to play the game.

6. Dog in the Pond

Dog in the pond is another game that is also not an indoor game that we cannot miss in our list of 90’s games that every kid would relate to. This game, too, required two different teams. The players were required to stand in 2 rows while facing each other. In between the rows, a circle was drawn, in the center of it, a stick or cloth was kept. One member from each team would have to compete with others. All we had to do was pick the stick or the cloth and run; however, if the other player did not let you run with it, the team would lose.

7. Slip Games

This is one of the most played indoor games in the ’90s. The game was quite flexible and depended on the number of players the game would have. The most commonly played variants were generally  Thief/ Police, King/Minister, 16 slips, and others. The slip game was huge fun. Not at home, only the game was also played in the school as well between the lectures. Remember!

8. Skating

Kids today also love skating; however, back in the day, it had its charm. As they were newly discovered in the late ’90s. Racing while wearing skates was huge fun. If you, too, like skating, you can buy all the essential things from online portals like Decathlon. It has a wide range of sports-oriented products. Also, you can make use of Decathlon coupons to get a significant off on your shopping:


In the last decades, there have been massive changes from offline the world has converted to online. If you are a 90’s kid, then you must be missing some of the games that you played back in the day. Here we have curated a list of games that 90’s kid would relate to.

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