Interesting Things to do in Armenia

Interesting Things to do in Armenia

Mountainous and hospitable Armenia is becoming more and more popular among travelers from all over the world. Not only historical sights in Armenia might impress the curious visitors, but also its delicious cuisine and friendly people. Wondering about the things to do in Armenia? Here are some small tips:

First and foremost, if you want to explore this beautiful country to the full, you might consider driving. It allows both to save time and visit as many spots as you wish. If you are not already traveling in your car, you might consider renting a car in Armenia. It is an extremely easy procedure since you can rent a car with Enterprise-Rent-A-CarArmenia straight from Zvartnots International airport. Renting it whether on a daily or weekly basis, you can drive all around the country making sure you will not miss any important historical or cultural monument.

It is not a secret that a big part of Armenian culture is related to the country’s religion. There are many churches and monasteries wherever you go, which are not only significant for their architectural value, but also for the importance they have for locals and their ancestors. They constitute a large part, if not the majority of Armenian sightseeing places. For instance, a very important monastery in Geghard built in the province of Gegharkunik, while another medieval Armenian monastery- Noravank is located in VayotsDzor. South from the latter is Syunik province, where not only the breathtakingly beautiful TatevMonastery is situated, but also “Wings of Tatev”– a large ropeway with amazing scenery of Armenian mountains.

Armenian sightseeing places

If you are a fan of active tourism, then you will be pleasantly surprised finding out that there are numerous opportunities for camping in Armenia. Probably, the most well-known place for camping is Lastiver. Firstly, it is highly popular, since it is easier than other camping tours. Therefore, it is a good option for beginners. Secondly, there are resorts and other facilities near Lastiver, which makes the stay more comfortable. However, the most important part of it, which triggers people to choose specifically this direction is the unique beauty of natural sceneries that accompany you throughout all your way. Nevertheless, and luckily enough, Lastiver is not the only destination for those who love camping. Among other locations you should check also camping near Sevan, Garni or Tatev area, as well as to Mount Aragats and many other locations.

camping in Armenia

In case you prefer cities over the countryside, then Yerevan can offer activities more suitable for your taste. Start your day with a morning visit to one of the Armenian markets and taste some fresh fruits, vegetables, as well as home-made dried fruits and pastries. As the day passes you can either have a nice picnic in one of the parks or take a walk around the city center. You can finish your day with an amazing view opening to the city from either the Matenadaran area or the top of the Cascade monument. In case the vibrant atmosphere of bars and pubs is what you highly enjoy, then Yerevan’s new-arising nightlife will not leave you disappointed. Do not hesitate to pass through Saryan street in summer or to visit the local pubs located in Pushkin street.

No matter how you prefer spending your day, once in Yerevan, you will be able to find the activities corresponding the most to your mood.

things to do in Armenia

While these are some of the best things to do in Armenia, the activities here are not limited to these, only. Armenia is a country with multiple opportunities, welcoming people and a friendly atmosphere. Whether it is extreme tourism in nature, or just a relaxed day strolling in the city, the small country is hidden in the South-Caucasus will never disappoint you.

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