Introduction about CatEight

Introduction about CatEight

Are you considering a career switch and do you want to explore your possibilities in IT? Do you want to develop your professional skills in the IT field? Do you have no experience in this field yet and are you looking for a good basic education? With the IT Basic training you lay a solid and broad foundation within the fascinating field of IT. Developments within the IT field follow each other at lightning speed and the demand for specialist specialists is increasing. During this training all important themes are discussed in detail. After this training you will know where your strength lies in the world of IT.

Unique benefits

  • Your teacher is an expert in the field
  • The teacher alternates knowledge transfer with practical situations, games and exercises
  • Boost your resume with this solid basic training


  • You have a good basis to get started as a junior application, functional or information manager
  • You have a broad basis with which you can further develop yourself within IT
  • You have insight into the different disciplines and the role you can play in them
  • You know the IT concepts and processes and have a better understanding of your IT qualities
  • You have insight into the importance of good management information and how IT can play a role in this
  • You can specify how IT contributes to (your) organizational goals

Prior to the training you will have access to the offered courses and you will map out your personal learning goals. In the learning environment you will receive articles and information in preparation for the meetings that will help you further during the training. The training consists of modules. In each module, a theme of IT is explored. Each module is concluded with a practical assignment.

You can also check a number of courses at CatEight course Finder. In their vast variety of courses you can select one according to your interest. You can also go for any other course than IT. After reading and researching all about your course you can easily apply for courses.

The training is provided by lecturers with a lot of expertise in the IT field. The training days are characterized by knowledge transfer alternated with practical situations, games and exercises. In addition to these days, you will work via the This supports you during the learning process and also helps you to carry out group assignments and to prepare the meetings effectively. In the IT Basic training there is a lot of room to introduce your questions and practical situations and you are stimulated to actively work with what you have learned. At the end of the training you hand in your total practical assignment. Through the targeted feedback on your acquired insights and skills, you form a picture of your possibilities within IT.

After the training you will have unlimited access to the learning environment where you will find a lot of extra material for deepening and inspiration and the possibility to keep in touch with your group.

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