Wednesday , September 29 2021
Smoking Tobacco E-Liquid

Is Smoking Tobacco E-Liquid Like Smoking Tobacco Cigarettes?

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If you are trying to give up smoking it may have crossed your mind to take up vaping instead. After all, this is a lot less harmful to both you and the environment. However, if you still enjoy the sensation and taste of smoking, it makes sense for your E-Liquid to replicate a tobacco cigarette as closely as possible, but does it taste the same?

The Differences

some tobacco eliquid has been designed to taste and smell as close to cigarette tobacco as possible.  After all, many people turn to vaping if they have decided not to smoke cigarettes anymore.  Unfortunately,the two can’t taste the same.  Tobacco is a natural plant that has things added to it to create the perfect taste and sensation.  The smell comes from the burning process rather than the tobacco, so it is not possible to recreate this for use in vaping.  Many E liquids do come close to this though and you will need to try some for yourself to see which one you like the most. 


E-liquid is available in a lot more flavors than cigarette tobacco because it is not covered by the same regulations.  This means that there is a lot of variety on offer when it comes to E-liquid and many people find a taste they prefer anyway.  It is a matter of personal choice, so sample a few before you decide which one is right for you.


Both products contain nicotine, and it is the nicotine fix smokers enjoy so much.  Although this can be harmful,E- liquid does not add other chemicals to their products in the same way that cigarettes do.  This makes them less harmful to both the smoker and the environment.  If you are giving up cigarettes, look for the same nicotine strength as your favorite brand of cigarette to get the same effect.

There are both differences and similarities between vaping and smoking and if you are considering the switch, vaping may not be as simple a switch as you thought.  It is certainly worthwhile though.

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