Kissanime – The Messiah for Anime Lovers and A Few Alternatives to it

The world of anime is a world with loads of action-packed surprises. Ranging from comedy to adventures, inspirational stories to actions, anime has definitely secured quite a safe juncture in the heart of millennials. 

The popularity of anime across the globe has been increasing steadily which in turn has created a base of loyal fan following. This acceptance and love from the audience have led to the necessity to create a platform which will provide the anime lovers with all their favourite picks.

The website which does deserve special mention in this category is that of Kissanime. This platform has earned quite a good name for itself and the hard-working contributions of its maintainers cannot be denied for a single moment. 

Kissanime can easily boast of not only an exceptionally well-designed homepage but also an extremely easy to use interface. All your favourite anime can be accessed simply by a click in the search bar. 

The medium of language in this easy to use website remains as Japanese with English subtitles keeping in mind the convenience of the users. Some of the key factors that set Kissanime apart from the others is that there is no mandatory need for signing up or registration. 

Kissanime also provides a wide array of shows in HD quality to the audience. In case any of your favourite shows are missing,  you can anytime request the management to upload them from the homepage.

  • Is Signing Up Mandatory?

Kissanime is known to be an easy-to-use  website. Therefore we can say with conviction that it does not require you to create an account or sign up necessary to enjoy your favourite animes. 

However on another hand, we might also harp on the fact that Kissanime is a completely secured, free medium to access animes anytime the viewer wants. Therefore it is advisable to create an account and then use it as it could culminate into better results.

  • Why Should  One Watch Animes Through Kissanime?

What could be more pleasurable to an anime lover than to stream their favourite animes online that too for free? Well, Kissanime offers exactly that and coupled with a brilliantly designed homepage the experience becomes a great one indeed. 

All the latest animes are available here and the best part is that in case you face any problem in accessing these animes, you can always contact them and also request them to upload the ones that you think are missing.

  • Why Can’t Kissanime Be Accessed?

There has been quite a history that when certain sites start garnering attention and popularity with the masses, the servers keep going down due to internet issues. 

This hasn’t been an exception to Kissanime as well. There have been quite a few flying rumours that Kissanime is off from the internet or even permanently shut down. 

The ardent fans of this website have also had their fair shares of anticipation. However, the truth being divulged, Kissanime has been taken down from the servers due to copyright issues as a reason for which, none is being able to access the website.

  • How Safe Is It To Access Kissanime?

The major two pillars which come into play when we use a particular website are 

1) If the site is legal and

2) If the site is safe to use.

Answering the first doubt, it is quite hard to pinpoint if the website is standing on an illegal basis. Although they assimilate the content illegally however it does not really interfere with the safety of the viewers unless they download something from the website which in that case is a breach of law.

On the second aspect, Kissanime does not really ask for any personal information like bank account details or even cell phone numbers. Therefore it can be deduced that it is more or less safe for the audience to indulge in this website.

  • Genres in Kissanime
  1. Science Fiction
  2. Samurai
  3. Horror
  4. Magic
  5. Comedy 
  6. Motion
  7. Cartoon
  8. Youngsters
  9. Romance
  10. Thrillers
  11. Vampire
  12. Supernatural
  13. Sports
  14. Music
  15. Drama
  16. Fantasy 
  • Proxy Websites For Kissanime.

Some of the major websites which might serve as proxy or mirror websites for the original Kissanime website.

1.) 9 anime .to


2) kiss anime. to




4) kiss


5) kiss-anime. xyz




7)kiss-anime. ws


8) kiss


9) kiss anime. tv




  • Similar Websites As Kissanime

Kissanime was brought forth as an illegal website and as a consequence, it had to be taken down from the servers and it is inaccessible from most of the countries. 

The point of discussion here revolves if there are websites which can be as good as or even better than Kiss Anime where one can stream animes and could cater to the needs of the anime lovers. 

Luckily there are a few websites which can be taken as serving the same purpose more or less a Kissanime.

The websites are as follows;

  • Anime Planet
  • GoGo Anime
  • KissManga
  • AniWatcher
  • Anime Tv
  • Kiss Asians
  • A-Z Interface
  • Anime Lab
  • OtakuStream
  • 9anime
  • AnimePahe
  • KimCartoon
  • Anime Land
  • Anilinkz
  • Anime Frenzy
  • Anime Planet

This is my far the closest to Kissanime and is right now regarded the best in absence of Kissanime. The site is very easily accessible and a list of the weekly new additions as well as the highest recommended are also shown for the audience’s easy access. 

This site was launched in the year 2001 and since then there is a total collection of more than 40000 anime episodes. The creators behind this platform have put in their tireless dedication. 

One of the special mentions may also be made that this website even supports high definition content coupled with a wide array of genres so as to keep the audience entertained. 

  • GoGo Anime

Another very safe and similar website in comparison to Kissanime is GoGo Anime. Its safe Interface coupling with easy to use attributes makes it a top pick among anime lovers. 

The best part about this website is that there are dubbed versions of the original which adds to the experience. Just like Kissanime, you can request on this website also to upload episodes that you think are missing. 

The viewers have to go through minimum hassle as there is no need to sign up and can enjoy a wide variety of options.

  • KissManga

This is a website that goes hand in hand with Kissanime. The interface is quite similar to that of Kissanime as here also you are spoilt for options. This website easily boasts of segregation of episodes according to genres however there is a need for signing up and creating your account. 

Very often you will come across them uploading Ongoing Manga, therefore we can safely conclude that KissManga is a very plausible alternative for Kissanime.

  • AniWatcher

This website not only prides on providing HD quality episodes to the viewers but also has an array of episodes uploaded which are running on the trend. 

Just like Kissanime, here also the interface is very user friendly and for the benefit of the viewers, even dubbed versions are available. 

It is a safe website to administer, and login is not mandatory however if you want to leave a comment,  you have to get yourself registered first.

  • Anime TV

Who doesn’t love to binge-watch on their favourite anime episodes? And the cherry on the cake is that you could enjoy all of these absolutely free by just signing in. You could enjoy your favourite episodes in HD quality and dubbed versions are also available. 

They even upload absolutely new and fresh episodes very often and here also you can request them to upload stuff that you think is missing.

  • Kiss Asians

In case your country does not authorize you to access Kissanime you can definitely get Kiss Asians as an alternative. With a wide array of latest anime shows that you can binge-watch free, they are even ad-free. 

An added feature is that you could even report them in case of errors and can request them to upload some missing ones.

  • A-Z Interface

If you are a lover for good video quality then this is the best alternative to Kissanime.  With a very easy to use interface, genres like cartoon, romance, horror and action-comedy, this website has some of the most latest anime shows. 

You could also vote for and rate the shows on the basis of your likes after you have watched the show. You can enjoy the shows without registering and also for reference a list of ongoing and upcoming anime shows are provided.

  • Anime Lab

One of the credit points of this website is that you could indulge in full-length anime movies without paying a single penny for it and the least bit of signing up is also not required. 

This website has a good choice of the latest shows and even movies. The easy to use interface coupled with genre-wise uploading of episodes makes it a good alternative to Kissanime.

  • OtakuStream

With a similar interface as that of Kissanime, this website has a series of animes which are arranged systematically in the homepage. You could stream your favourite animes for free and in HD quality. 

Some of the most latest and highest-rated series are available to be binged on and even English dubbed versions are available. Keeping all of these in purview we can easily conclude that OtakuStream is a good alternative to Kissanime.

  • 9Anime

This website also has quite a similar homepage as compared to Kissanime. With a buffet of options, registration is not a mandate. The animes are uploaded in a regular time pattern and even proforma for upcoming episodes are provided. 

For appealing to the masses, the anime is available in dubbed versions as well. In general, 9Anime could be regarded as quite an able alternative to Kissanime.

  • AnimePahe

All you have to do to enjoy the latest animes is to sign up on this website and they will keep you hooked on your favourite shows that are completely free. Dubbed versions are also available in the website and it can easily be referred to as the most similar website to Kissanime.

  • KimCartoon

With a meticulously designed homepage, KimCartoon provides a wide range of animes that too in HD quality. You can sign up and enjoy your favourites for free. You can also find the latest updates of your favourite animes uploaded very often and can even report errors of any.

  • AnimeLand

A safe and easy to use the website, AnimeLand provides a lot of options to anime lovers. You could enjoy a systematically arranged homepage without even signing up for it. You could also opt-in for the latest anime series and movies. In general, AnimeLand is quite a good alternative to Kissanime.

  • Anilinkz

This website has earned the name of being better than that of Kissanime. Features like vast options, dubbed versions along with latest updates and free access make it a favourite among anime lovers.

  • Anime Frenzy

With an easy to use Interface, Anime Frenzy is usually attributed to the largest available options for animes. HD quality videos with a list of the most recent mangas, newest animes and time to time updating of episodes makes it quite a hot pick among anime lovers. You could enjoy the series free and without even signing up.

  • Most Asked Questions About Kissanime:

Two of the most asked questions about Kissanime include

  1. If Kissanime has any sort of virus and
  2. What is the concept behind Kissanime Reddit?

The answer to these questions includes no, Kissanime does not have any kind of virus and is quite safe to use. On the other hand, Kissanime is available on Reddit where usually people put forward their doubts and get them cleared.

Why Should One Pick Kissanime?

Animes are now the most favourite content across the globe among people of all ages. The very user-friendly interface, HD streaming quality and availability of huge picks make it an interesting choice for bringing on anime.

Animes are enjoyed by people of all ages and cultures and its fast-growing popularity has made it obligatory to find websites that serve the purpose. Kissanime is one such website which caters to all the needs of the viewers and gives them a hassle-free experience.  The dubbed versions and presence of genres adds on to the experience. However,  there are some countries where the use of this website is not legal and as a result, is blocked. In that case, you could access any of the mentioned websites as most of them are quite similar in their interfaces and their features are quite overlapping.

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