Know the Reasons - Why you should buy a used car

Know the Reasons – Why you should buy a used car?

There is never a “perfect” time to buy a new car. It takes a lot of thought and research, not to mention a lot of money as well. But the introduction of second-hand or used cars has made buying a car a lot easier and less daunting than before. The pre-owned market in India is massive with cars from practically all manufacturers – national and international. While the world might tell you that investing in a second-hand car can be extremely risky, the popularity and demand for it say otherwise. Here are the reasons why you should be buying a used car rather than a new one.


Arguably the biggest reason behind anyone buying a used is its affordability. We all know that second-hand cars are cheaper and this is why the market has become so popular in the country. People are looking for different ways to introduce some sort of comfort and luxury into their lives and a car is a perfect item to do so. While the worry about how the car was maintained by the previous owner is a factor, it can be completely avoided by simply buying a certified pre-owned car that goes thorough inspections and repairs before it is sold. When you buy used cars, you can get a bigger, better, and higher-classed car for the price of a new entry-level premium model. You always get more for less when you choose second-hand cars which are perfect for those buyers on a budget.

Lower Depreciation

A new car will start depreciating as soon as it leaves the dealer and will depreciate a further 40 percent within the first year of purchase. This means that you will lose 40 percent of the cost price if you choose to sell your car after just 1 year. That number goes up to 50 percent by year number 2 and then begins to even out. Used cars are, more often than not, over 2 years old which means the biggest depreciation is over. And while a used car does depreciate, it happens extremely slowly after 3 years which means even if you sell the car after a year, you will not lose out on a lot of money.


The idea of getting a warranty on something that is already used by someone else seems ridiculous but the growing popularity of the market has seen manufacturers and dealers offer some kind of warranty for the cars they sell. A manufacturer’s warranty usually covers replacements of parts within a fixed number of years or kilometers whereas a dealer’s warranty can cover everything from repairs, inspections, and even replacement of parts. Getting a warranty on a used car is something important because today’s cars are made more durable and are practically as good as new – even after a couple of years of use.

As Good As New

As mentioned above, the cars of today are made with high-quality materials which give them a longer lifespan. The cars are sturdier and can withstand all types of terrain with ease and without falling apart. Durability in a car means that it can be used for more than just a few years. Secondly, the car owners of today are always looking to get the best value out of their vehicles so they maintain the cars extremely well. So, even when you buy a 3-year-old second-hand car, you are getting a well-maintained, high-performance vehicle that is designed to last for an additional 4-5 years without any kinks.

Choosing between Certified and Non-Certified cars

Even though the used car market has grown and become extremely popular in India, it doesn’t mean you can’t be left with a lemon. There are some things you have to consider and notice before you can make an investment. While there are hundreds of ads online as well as in the classifieds for used cars, we believe that it is better to choose a certified pre-owned car rather than buy a car from an unknown person.

Both, certified and non-certified cars have their own advantages and disadvantages, but with the growing number of used cars in the country, it is always a better option to choose the certified models. Even though non-certified cars are relatively cheaper and more easily available, they require thorough checking and inspections whereas a certified car will have already been inspected by professionals before you can take a look at it. On the other hand, while certified cars are quite a bit more expensive, the asking price on a non-certified car can be negotiated with ease.

As the automobile industry in India continues to flourish, the used car market grows bigger and bigger. Whether you buy used cars in Rajkot or in Chennai, you will always save more and get more value for your money when you opt for second-hand models.

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