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Locate Websites That Are Republishing Images Without Your Authorization

Posting your photos online brings an increased risk of people and companies using your photographs without permission. The internet is huge, and that makes it tough for finding where your photos are being used online. Here you will get to know the insight and the right way to deal with it by using search by image tools.

Unauthorized use of images: How to stop it?

Copyright infringement is never welcomed by any photographers, but it is a problem that most people have to face. Probably the most common copyright infringement occurs on Facebook. Luckily, now you can remove the photo very quickly.

Another common victim is the one who writes blogs. Many people don’t understand the rules behind using the pictures available in blog posts. If they put credits that are then good to go but most often it does not go like this but rather people steal each other’s work.

However, the biggest problem usually comes from companies who know what they are up to. Usually, you could never discover this violation, but there is now a tool that gives you the facility to use the “search by image” function.

What does it mean to Image search online?

With the latest advancements in technology, a commonly used image search engine has come to the rescue with this fantastic new feature. Instead of simply searching for pictures by keyword, you can now search by image instead.

This means you can provide Google with an image, and it will gather and display all the search results of every website showing a similar photo. This even goes as far as to display your photo even when it has been reformed and edited.

This is marvelous; as often you’ll find that a text has been put on to an image or it has been cropped. The probability of finding the precise results is higher because graphics are compared instead of text-based queries.

How to perform a Search by Image?

It is a really simple task. To search by image, head to the official page of the photo finder. You’ll be faced with the normal search bar that we are all used to, but notice that it accepts pictures as a search query.

The modern tools use pictures to do a reverse image search for you. If your photo is published anywhere else online, it will most likely show up in the search results. You can then trawl through and find any serious copyright violation and deal with it accordingly.

You can use an Image search tool like, where you will see a new set of options to search by image. If you have a photo of yours that is being used online, just copy the URL (link) of the photo and paste it into the search bar. Or, you can also upload your photo by clicking the “upload image” option.

If you try online photo finding tool using any common photo that’s in your gallery you will find thousands of results for it. And most of the time you will see that it’s the same photo but slightly changed for example cropped, color inversion, inverted but online tools will still find the photo for you.

What to do in case of illegally used pictures?

Well, it’s all up to your choice once you get to know about the unauthorized usage of your photo with the help of search by image tools. If the photo is just being used on a blog and it’s clear that it’s not being used for monetary gains; then I would suggest giving them two choices:

  1. Add your name as a credit at the bottom of the picture and provide a link to your website or blog.
  2. Just ask them to take the image down.

Use the search by photo facility and check if it’s a business then start by asking them how they have acquired the photo. There are possibilities that they have just ripped it off of your website. Try negotiating with some money. If they are not willing to pay then first ask them to take the photo down within 14 to 15 working days.

If they fail to take the photo down then invoice them and give them a copyright strike for the illegal use of the picture. The key point is being polite! Approach people in a friendly manner and explain to them that they are using your photos without permission.

They might not even know that they are using your image without a license or permission. Usually, people don’t understand how copyright law works and how the law protects you. So, take some time to read in according to your local government laws.


This is a powerful tool especially for photographers, but don’t get addicted to using it. An occasional search by image is good to go, but becoming obsessive over this can be a huge waste of time. Just don’t forget to watermark your photos and upload smaller files to help fight unauthorized usage.

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