How to Make Homemade Wine - A Guide

How to Make Homemade Wine – A Guide

Are you one of the 77 million people that enjoy a glass of wine? If so, you should consider learning how to make homemade wine.

Wine can cost $15 to $32 a bottle, with some bottles being much more expensive. Even if the cost to purchase wine doesn’t bother you, why not learn a fun and easy new skill?

It is surprisingly easy to make wine, and it comes with various benefits. It’s a fun and relaxing process, and it’s an excellent way to boost your social life.

Does all of this sound wonderful and interesting? Here is your guide on how to make homemade wine.

Make Homemade Wine

Decide Which Type of Wine to Make

(Legal note: While homebrewing for personal use and to share with family and friends is legal, the resale of your homemade wine is not legal without permits. This guide is for making personal wine, not opening a winery which requires a different guide altogether.)

Learning the art of winemaking starts with learning about different types of wins. To begin with, have you ever wondered what the differences are between red and white wine?

Red wine is made with full grapes, while white wine has the skin peeled off. Red wine is aged in oak barrels, while white wine is aged in cast iron vessels. And red wine has a more juicy and strong flavor, while white wine has a more tart and crisp flavor.

The wine you choose to make will depend on personal taste. Moreover, different wines are best for different occasions, meal pairings, etc. For more tips on those matters, check out the blog at Kings Of Wine.

How to Make Homemade Wine

To make wine, you’ll need the following wine recipe ingredients:

  • Sugar
  • Filtered and boiled water
  • Fruit of your choice (grapes are the most popular option)
  • Yeast

Additives such as tannin, pectic enzyme, and citric acid can improve the flavor and taste of your wine. Consider adding them to the recipe.

Combine the primary ingredients in the fermenter of choice. This could be a large jug, a bucket, or a crockpot. Mix the ingredients, and then pour them into a wine bag submerged in boiled water.

Allow the mixture to cool overnight on the counter before adding the yeast. Let it ferment for five to six days, and then drain the bag, discarding the fermented fruit rinds. Transfer the contents to your airlocked fermenter and store it at room temperature.

Siphon the ingredients into a new container after a month to sanitize the wine. You’ll want to repeat this process every three months.

Your wine should be ready to bottle and drink after six months. Pour a glass and enjoy.

More Recipes

Now that you know how to make homemade wine, you can showcase your new skill to your friends at a dinner party. This wine will be excellent for any occasion, and you’ll save a ton of money that you’d lose on several bottles of grocery store wine.

Enjoy this process, have fun, and remember to drink responsibly. For more recipes, visit our Health section.

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