Maximize Your Business Credibility on Instagram

Best Ways to Maximize Your Business Credibility on Instagram

Instagram has become attractive for businesses looking to drive growth on the platform. It currently has more than 1 billion users, which has helped it to become the most engaged social network. Therefore, knowing about marketing strategies on this platform is important to stand out.

With digital conversion and the increasing access of the population to the internet, the online sales market has conquered a relevant space in the market. In 2021, e-commerce sales totaled more than R$182.7 billion, an increase of more than 27% compared to the previous year. All this movement has led to new attractions for business marketing managers who want to increase their visibility on Instagram.

If your strategy needs an update or you are a newcomer to this network of social media, you will find here some tips on how to use Instagram for business extremely useful.

Take advantage of your profile with a business account

The first step to growing organically on Instagram is to invest in a business account, which will give you access to exclusive resources and topics, to strengthen your page and achieve the best results.

Through this new account, (or changing the old account to a business account), access to reports on the profile behavior of your target audience will become possible, with other options such as information about your reach, your weekly interactions, and your impressions. There is also another ability to observe the dynamism of your stories and publications.

How do I migrate my account to a professional account?

The change is quite simple. On your Instagram profile, you can enter “Settings” and enter “account”, go to the “Switch to professional account” part, changes to the option that best fits your business and that’s it; It’s done!

Use the Instagram Bio space to post accurate and relevant information. Keep the biography always up to date as it is essential to serve the customer quickly and prevent them from going to the competition. Provide a link to your company’s website and also to WhatsApp. The greater the number of the information left there, the better it will be for your client. Automatically, your company will have greater effectiveness in sales through these resources.

Bet on Instagram Shopping

This tool was inaugurated in 2018 and through it, the use of product labels in publications is carried out. Which generates access to product prices. It also allows you to create a link for the customer to go directly to your company’s e-commerce. The concept for this application is to bring companies closer to their customers. Which matches perfectly with the platform’s culture. Instagram Shopping is a key resource for new sales strategies. Within this new functionality, you will need to follow these 4 important points:

Boost your business using Stories

This feature of Instagram stories was launched in 2016 and has proven to be an interesting tool for interacting with the public. The Stories remain for 24 hours, which adds dynamics to your page, since as you use this space to talk to your audience, you generate greater reach and greater visibility, as your customers wait for your publication every day. To give you an idea of ​​the importance of this tool, 58% of Instagram users prefer to see stories rather than feed posts.

If you want to take advantage of the best stories of the day, you still have the option of making them stand out on your profile. To do this, just save the story and pin it to your profile in the “highlight” option. They are located below the profile biography and can be completely personalized. In this space, it is important to use creativity.

Here are some options:

There are countless possibilities that you can use for imagination. Make the most of this feature!

Engage them behind the cameras

We know that there is a spontaneous curiosity of the public about where the products come from, and their production, from the basic beginning such as the choice of raw material to its completion. Embracing customers at this stage of creation is engaging. Drawing up a plan to publicize the first steps towards the realization of a new piece, a new product, attracts attention, and curiosity, which makes it become a new habit of the customer that accompanies the company.

If nothing comes to mind, you can share something everyone has – sketches, notes, and whiteboards or full boards. Every company has strategic meetings, it’s interesting to take the initiative to capture a cool photo and share it on Instagram. Don’t stick to a single publication type.

One of the most engaged in this process is Reels, taking advantage of the trends of the moment, merging the authenticity of your company and the creativity of your employees, you can get great material for reach. The important thing is to be able to test and carry out experiments until you get one with the company’s face.

Routine in publishing content and with relevant content

Some companies make the mistake of stopping at this step. They open the company’s Instagram, and switch to a business account but are not constant in their publications. Generating a negative impact. Let’s think of a simple but didactic example for understanding. When you start to inflate a balloon with air, if you stop halfway through, the bladder will deflate again. To create a balloon, it is necessary to inflate a balloon to the end.

What I mean by all this is that to be successful on digital platforms and remain in that place, regularity in content is important. This will allow you to conquer space like the explore from Instagram. Every day you will inflate your bladder a little more until you become a “success balloon”. And when you least expect it, you’ll have one!

Bet on the invention of meaningful content for customer experiences 

When preparing these contents, you can count on the commemorative dates of the year, and important dates in your company’s calendar, and think about the option of dates on current events and your market. Use them to your advantage. Think about the option of a publication calendar and you will get an overview, a long-term view. This favors you to publish with the correct frequency within social networks.

Creating a content planning method will avoid creative block as you will have more time to think and organize and do so successfully. It will make it possible to create a new culture of success. Avoid posting just for “posting”. It’s interesting to think that every piece of content that lands on the customer’s screen has an impact, whether negative or positive. Using networks properly, frequently, and in a planned way makes a difference for those who want to be noticed.

Undoubtedly start with a correct profile, directed toward the commercial, having information about the company and its location. Having a good routine for publishing content, associated with the use of Instagram Shopping and the use of Stories, will make your company reach the desired visibility on this hugely successful platform.

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