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MVA Leads – How to Generate More Motor Vehicle Accident Cases

MVA cases are much essential for personal injury attorneys as there are several things involved. So, if you have a law firm, you can generate qualified MVA leads. In this case, you have to realize where the leads are coming from. There are several ways that can help you to generate more MVA leads.

You should do proper marketing for your personal injury law firm. Also, understanding the processes of getting quality leads is very important. In this article, we will share about generating motor vehicle accident cases. So, keep reading if you want to generate more MVA leads for your PI firm.

MVA Leads – How to Generate More Motor Vehicle Accident Cases

Typically MVA leads are the ideal way for a PI law firm to buy third-party leads. Follow the below steps to generate leads for your firm.

Target Accurate Keywords

To get quality leads, you have to share some authentic content on the website. The content should be based on the keywords that the client searches for. That’s why it’s essential to find out what information the clients search on Google. Then for the right keyword, you should target the pay per click ads. 

Do not aim for generic words like injury attorneys or law firms. Your ads will show on several searches, and it won’t aim specifically for car accident lawsuits. Therefore, you have to focus on targeting keywords like “accident attorney” and “car wreck lawyers.”

Pay Per Call

In the marketing space, pay per call works as part and parcel. Legal call centers deliver inbound calls and generate leads through their highly specialized campaign. The MVA Pay Per Call Leads can convert more potential clients by focusing on specific market segments.

They deliver exclusive calls from search engines, social media, streaming media, offline, form fills, opt-in email, and display ads. Through legal pay per call campaign, you can achieve more conversion, higher quality leads, and more motivated clients.

Invest in Search Engine Optimization

When a potential customer looks for the information related to your service, make sure your website is present there. To do so, SEO is a must. SEO will design your website in a professional way following Google algorithm rules. After that, they target the right keyword and provide high-quality information to potential clients.

SEO ensures high-quality backlinking to make the website trustable to Google. Without proper SEO, it is quite impossible to rank on the first page and reach the targeted audience.

Developing Relatable Content

While creating content, you have to make sure that you are putting in-depth information about everything. If clients find everything that they are looking for, they will feel more connected. In this way, they will be more likely to engage your firm.

Also, contents are the best way to showcase that your firm is authoritative, professional, and reliable than the others. Your content should be informative enough that the clients can immediately relate to it and become potential leads.

Design a Good Client Onboarding System

A big mistake that many law firms make, not keeping any personnel for attending the phone calls. In this way, approximately they lost 25% of MVA leads. Usually, after an accident, people call the lawyer to hear a professional and empathetic solution. When their call is not answered, they move to search in Google to find another lawyer to call. 

Therefore it is necessary to dedicate someone on the phone lines to deliver essential information to the victim. Asking the right question, giving appropriate solutions, and showing interest in talking to the client makes the client a potential lead.

Pay Per Click and SEM Ads

Pay per click ads helps effectively to acquire new clients. The subset of PPC ads is SEM ads. SEM ads are best for getting clicks of potential clients with high intent. PPC ads are shown depending on the targeted audience, techniques, and particular medium.

As you are paying for the ads that means the ads are relevant and clients will find them trustworthy. If performed correctly, these PPC and SEM ads can generate your firm with the most potential clients.

Use Email Marketing to Engage the Prospects

The best way to target the audience is email marketing when they visit your website. You can keep the best content available for download by filling a form. In this way, you can get the client’s email address, name, phone number, and other information.

Also, make sure to ask for the email address while providing valuable information to the clients.  

After that, send a mail to each client with their interested topic. Don’t forget to add the landing page’s link while sending emails. This landing page will help the clients with further consultation and queries. For the most effective conversation and subject line, you should test the email. You should nurture the leads to increase the chances of making them your client.

How Much the MVA Leads Cost?

The actual cost actually depends on the market, lead’s sources, etc. But, for the exclusive MVA leads, the range is between $75-$275. This range may differ if you drive up some additional advertising. Also, for congested markets where the competition is high, the price will be higher than the rural area.


Take into consideration that, when you are searching for clients, there are several law firms that are doing the same thing. Therefore, finding a potential customer and converting them to work with you is very difficult. So, if you don’t put in any strong effort, you can’t stand out effectively. In such a situation, this useful guide can help your firm to stand out strongly. The above listed ways can be a good start to get your MVA leads. Just make sure you are ready to serve whenever your potential client is searching. Implement your best strategy and start generating more and more MVA leads.

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