New Link of TamilRockers 2021 – Kannada Movies

Many of you must be looking for the new link of TamilRockers or the new URL of it. Here we will tell you how to get that but first, it is important to know about the website. 

If you want to watch the latest Telugu, Tamil, or Malayalam Hindi dubbed movies for free download then search on TamilRocker’s new website. We are here sharing a list of TamilRockers links that can be helpful.

We are aware of the fact that Tamilrockers is an illegal movie downloading site and has been blocked by Government authorities a number of times but still the website manages to run on the internet by changing its domain extension.

Let’s Know About Tamilrockers

Tamilrockers 2021 is a popular site for downloading movies including English, Tamil, Malayalam, Telugu, and more with illegal piracy for free. The new movie releasing site is Tamilrockers.com

Request for Tamilrockers Website 

The website has a section where users can request access after they have created an account. If you want a new movie link, software, or login access then you can easily request that section and seek help. 

The admins of the site quickly respond and add the link to the film. But due to some reasons, the admins have blocked the registrations which means the people who do not have an account cannot use it.

How Did Tamilrockers Website Start?

The Tamilrockers site was started by Bhusan Kumar in the year 2007 because of the movie Shivaji that starred blockbuster actor Rajnikaant. It was a huge budget movie so the filmmakers approached the anti-piracy cell personally and filed FIR against it. 

This also led to a raid to capture the pirated movie CDs and DVDs. Meanwhile, Bhusan Kumar got the news and managed to escape. They decided to offer pirated movies through the internet so they managed to record the full movies from the theatres and finally edit them perfectly for the users. 

When Bhusan got caught, he showed how he earned billions and how there were some producers who supported Tamilrockers as well.

Revenue of the Site 

The revenue made by Tamilrockers on the news websites starts from $5000 to $15000 every month. This is why the new URL of the site is important.  

There are about 3,50,000 searches of Tamilrockers on weekdays and when a movie releases or during the weekends the search ranges up to 30,00,000.

Why the Links of Tamilrockers Change?

Tamilrockers does not only offer Tamil or Telugu movies but also Hindi and English movies. They offer pirated movies that are unlawful and the users who download from these sites are also doing unlawful acts. 

Though the website has been blocked several times still the site manages to come back with the same name and IP address. 

The Telegram Link of TamilRockers in 2021

Here are a few of the Tamilrockers links that can help you. 

Tamilrockers.com   Tamilrockers.la

Tamilrockers.net     Tamilrockers.ai 

Tamilrockers.ac      Tamilrockers.cl

Tamilrockers.tw      Tamilrockers.hn

Tamilrockers.ws     Tamilrockers.az

Tamilrockers.re       Tamilrockers.vu

Tamilrockers.km     Tamilrockers.la

Tamilrockers.ai       Tamilrockers.da

Tamilrockers.bz      Tamilrockers.in

Tamilrockers.tr        Tamilrockers.mx

Tamilrockers.gr       Tamilrockers.ru

Tamilrockers.li        Tamilrockers.az

Tamilrockers.nz      Tamilrockers.la

Tamilrockers.lu       Tamilrockers.vs 

Tamilrockers.be      Tamilrockers.mz

Tamilrockers.cx       Tamilrockers.ws unblock 

Tamilrockers.co       Tamilrockers.by

Tamilrockers.lv        Tamilrockers. Ph

Tamilrockers.tz        Tamilrockers.bz

Tamilrockers. Ta      Tamilrockers. Cl

Tamilrockers.cz        Tamilrockers.to

Tamilrockers.tel       Tamilrockers.lv

There are chances some of the URLs might work whereas others wouldn’t because some of them are old. The latest link  is here  https://tamilrockerrs.ch

Also, note that the website links keep on changing every week and month. Many times users may not find the latest link. It is because when the site changes its domain, it takes a little time to rank on the search engines.

We should also mention that Tamilrockers is not the only website that offers users to download movies for free. There are many other sites present as well.

Alternative Sites to Tamilrockers 

Here is the list of some sites that you can check out to download movies though they are illegal too.

  • Movierulz
  • Moviemad
  • Extramovies
  • Pagalworld
  • Bollyshare
  • Isaimini 
  • Sky Movies
  • Coolmoviez
  • Filmywap
  • Fzmovies
  • Movie4me

You may find the Tamilrockers link not working many times because it has been blocked by the ISP so you can come back later and may find it working again.

List of Proxy Sites 2021 Tamilrockers 

Here is the list of the proxy sites of Tamilrockers and their speed that they come with. 

Tamilrockers.at – fast 

Tamilrockers.nz – very fast

Tamilrockers.tv – fast

Tamilrockers.mrunlock.pro – very fast

Tamilrockers.li – slow offline

Tamilrockers.gr – fast 

Tamilrockers.proxy4u.xyz – very fast

Tamilrockers.net – slow offline

Tamilrockers.unlockproject.live – fast

Tamilrockers.123unblock.info – fast

Every month the owners of Tamilrockers earn nearly 5 to 6 lakhs from their website. Their domain is the main source of their earnings because Google Adsense does not approve it. The site is illegal but still, people manage to use it with the help of their VPN.

How Can you Find the Latest URL of Tamilrockers?

Here are the ways you can find the latest URL of Tamilrockers

What is VPN?

VPN can be defined as a Virtual Private Network which is used to create virtual connections online. 

This helps in changing the IP address and the location of the user and helps to unblock the blocked sites. There are both free and premium VPN available. Here are the steps to find the new link to the site.

  • Download VPN and turn on the connection
  • Then visit Tamilrockers.com
  • You will be directed to the latest URL in no time.

Why is TamilRocker Illegal to Use?

Tamilrocker is illegal to use because it provides the pirated movies on the release date without the permission of the filmmakers. 

This leads to huge losses to the filmmakers as people run to download the movies for free instead of going to the theatres. Therefore we are against piracy and do not promote it at any cost 

Latest Web Series at Tamilrockers

There are many links available on the internet for Tamilrockers but it may be difficult to find the one which is working. Another way you can help yourself is by joining telegram because from there you will get to know about the new domain too.

Final Words

Many countries are blocking the new link of Tamilrockers so it might be difficult to track it. This is why people either choose to go after the proxy sites or seek help by using VPN networks.  Using these methods helps to surf through the content anytime and anywhere. We hope that the article was useful enough to answer your questions.

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