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New Platform by Yahoo Small Business Is a Great Fit for Every Entrepreneur

Are you thinking of starting a business or is your business in its early stage of setup? Yahoo Small Business’s tool called Business Maker would just be perfect for you. As a business owner, you have to keep track of so many things – inventory, customers, bills and even coupons that save can your money.

When I started my business, I forget about the WOW discount and decided to settle for another ISP provider at a relatively higher price. With tools like Business Maker, if you can keep track of your business operations, what could be better? Business Maker is for those small business owners who need help through the creation and expansion process.

Introducing Business Maker; Yahoo’s New Small Business Platform

Business Maker recommends steps and solutions based on where your business is in its development lifecycle. It can help you develop a business plan, manage the legal aspects of your business, build an online presence and collect payments.

The head of Yahoo Small business announced that Business Maker will help entrepreneurs start, build and grow a successful business online. It will provide them with a powerful and streamlined way of turning their idea into a business.

What You Get With Business Maker

Here’s are some features you will see in Business Maker:

  • A unified dashboard for viewing and managing your products from a centralized location
  • Hand-picked partner for best-in-class solutions
  • Billing system to generate a single bill for all the products purchased by your customers
  • 24/7 support through content guides and phone

Who Should Use Business Maker?

Business Maker is a great platform for first-time entrepreneurs and seasoned business owners who want to upgrade to the digital system. Even if you are trying to increase the visibility for your business or reach some business goals you have set up for yourself, this platform is for you.

This is what your business toolkit will comprise of:

  • Online Presence

The package includes a website business, a free domain, and five email boxes. It makes it easy for your customers to find you and contact you. You can also choose a nice theme for your website and create content for it with time.

  • Legal Package

It helps you legally incorporate your business. In other words, you can quickly transform your idea into a business. Yahoo’s trusted partner, Legalinc will help small business owners file paperwork. Other services offered by the legal package include business license report, EIN, and registered agent service.

  • Point of Sale

This solution enables customers to accept multiple forms of payments whether it’s cash, debit, and credit anytime anywhere. Yahoo uses PayPal’s payment processing system to help you manage invoices, inventory, catalog, perform checkouts and manage returns.

  • Marketing

This solution lets you maintain, monitor and promote your local business listings online. You can manage your local business listing via one simple to use dashboard. You can submit your business information on more than 70 directories, increase your traffic foot and secure more customers.

  • Business Plan Creator

If you are having trouble creating a business plan, the business plan creator has got you covered. It will help you develop objectives and strategies, identify your customers, understand your competitive advantage and make financial projections.

How can Business Maker Help Entrepreneurs?

The purpose of Business Maker was to empower business owners by creating a one-stop-shop to manage and expand their business. It’s there to help them at every stage of their journey from learning, buying, using, implementing, paying, etc. Here’s how it can help entrepreneurs:

  • One-Stop Solution

Yahoo has partnered with industry-leading partners such as PayPal, Tucows Domain, Yext, LegalInc, Symantec and Yahoo Small Business to provide an intuitive platform for small business owners.

The seamless exchange of data is happening across all applications. This platform is mobile-friendly as well. Each service updates automatically, the users don’t have to worry about anything. This platform will give you complete peace of mind.

  • Streamline Customer Experience

Business Maker is a unified dashboard with SSO (Single Sign-On) and a single view of products. All are integrated into one platform for streamlining the customer experience. It is easy to use even for those who are not tech-savvy. It comes with a complete list of how-to guides, resources, and a to-do-list to simplify the usability.

How to Get Started?

To get started with Business Maker, just complete a short questionnaire and they will send you a personalized recommendation for products. Select the bundle of products and start your free trial. If you can like what you see, then you can purchase its premium version later on.

Yahoo says it’s going to continue expanding its product portfolio which means this is just the beginning. Once you start your journey with Business Maker, the platform will grow and so will your business.

Final Words

I certainly missed the opportunity to subscribe to WOW, but I happened to find a great deal with the Optimum Internet plans. Business Maker is an extremely valuable platform to jumpstart your business. It’s for anyone with a business idea.

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