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wedding clothes for the mother of the groom

Outfit Guide for the Parents of the Groom

Parents spend decades waiting for the day when their children get married. Whether they play an active role in the wedding or not, mothers and fathers of both brides and grooms always want to look their best.

In some cases, it’s the bride and groom who choose what their parents wear, although this is more often true of the parents of the bride, who tend to play a larger role in the ceremony. Whether the parents of the groom are left to fend for themselves on outfit choice or their outfits will be chosen to match the rest of the wedding party’s, a lot of thought must go into the decision. This article will offer some basic information to get the people responsible for choosing wedding clothes for the parents of the groom off on the right foot.

Choosing a Dress for the Groom’s Mother

In the past, most wedding clothes for the mother of the groom were strictly matronly. Now, there are far more options available, many of which are specifically designed to fit certain body types or personalities. That said, there is still a certain etiquette that should be followed.

1. Keep Lines of Communication Open

Most mothers of the groom want to have a say in what they wear, but it’s still important to seek the approval of the couple. Find out in advance about how formal the wedding will be, when the best time is to purchase an outfit, and whether there are specific ways the couple wants their families’ clothes to be coordinated.

2. Set a Reasonable Budget

Since the mother of the groom typically pays for her dress, it’s important to set a budget before heading out to start shopping. Otherwise, it will be easy to overspend. In some cases, the wedding budget may be large enough to pay for the dress, but it’s never OK to just assume the bride and groom will pay for it.

3. Double-Check Before Paying

The best way to ensure that the dress will go well with the wedding theme and won’t clash with the wedding party’s attire is to choose several top outfits, then share them with the couple. Pick three outfits, take photos wearing them, then send them in and ask whether one or all of them will be a good option.

Choosing a Suit for the Groom’s Father

Choosing a suit for the groom’s father is easier in some ways and harder in others. If the groom’s father will be a part of the wedding party, he will most likely be dressed to match the other groomsmen. However, even if he won’t be, it can help to stick with the same colors or materials for the suit.

If a groom’s father is responsible for choosing his own attire, the couple should share information about what’s expected. He shouldn’t necessarily be dressed like the wedding party, but the outfit shouldn’t directly clash, either. Remember that the father of the groom, even if he won’t necessarily play a large role in the wedding, will still be in all of the photos.

Take the Time to Make the Right Choice

The parents of the groom shouldn’t rush the choice of attire for their son’s wedding. They should keep lines of communication open with the couple and the bride’s parents, find out what limitations there are on choosing an outfit, then take the time to choose attire that suits both the wedding theme and their style.

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