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How HR and Payroll Software can Smoothen Employee Management

Payroll Software

HR professionals in any company usually have to manage payroll tasks and ensure employees get paid accurately and on time. For this purpose, your business can invest in an HRIS with integrated complete payroll solutions that streamline payment procedures and help your HR executives smoothen staff management. By integrating payroll …

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16 More Digital Marketing Strategies You Need to Know for 2020

Digital Marketing Strategies

Digital marketing is known to be an effective tool for improving communication with customers. What is digital marketing strategy? Basically, it’s a series of actions where a company turns to online channels to achieve marketing goals. The channels include paid, owned, and earned media.  Many companies look for a digital …

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Shopify Speed Optimization — Step-by-Step Guide

Shopify Speed Optimization

Speed is vital for any website, much more a Shopify store. The faster the loading time is, the lower your bounce rate is. This then allows you to rank higher on Google, which is essential for any online store. To help you optimize your site loading time, you first need …

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Why Your eCommerce Business Needs SEO Help Now More Than Ever

ecommerce seo

Due to the ongoing pandemic, the economic condition has taken a hit all over the world. Consumers are buying more conservatively and sellers are closing down shops due to low profits or reduced workforce. A report by Merkle suggests that 79% of consumers will continue to spend more conservatively in …

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