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Plex Arcade: The User-Friendly Route to Retro Gaming

Since 2008, Plex has specialized in creating streaming-oriented developments. In the past, their TV service has taken the entertainment industry by storm, with their wide-ranging library featuring creations from Lionsgate, MGM, Warner Bros., and many more. After conquering the world of film and television, Plex has recently sought to expand into gaming. As such, they’re longing to provide gamers with a convenient route to numerous old-school titles. So, here’s how you can play retro titles through Plex Arcade.   

Plex’s Game Subscription Service 

Following its launch in January 2021, Plex Arcade became the latest in an ever-growing line of game streaming platforms. Unlike the rest, however, this subscription-based service uses modern-day technology to provide a route back to the past. To use the service, players must have a free Plex Media Server, which manages multimedia content from libraries. For a monthly fee, Arcade allows users to customize their games collection, emulators, and ROMs. 

In terms of the service’s available titles, Plex prides itself on gamer immersion in various Atari titles. To date, some of the games on offer are Asteroids, Centipede, Missile Command, Super Breakout, and many more, according to Fascinatingly, compared to some of its contemporary streaming rivals, the Arcade is perhaps more user-friendly. Unlike market alternatives, once a Media Server has been set up, the service can be streamed through various components, including Android and iOS devices, along with the Google Chromecast.

Fascinatingly, along with the development’s array of Atari games, the ability to play ROMs also sets the Arcade apart from other game-related streaming services. ROM emulation, which involves copying data from a read-only memory chip, as per, allows players to play games from various consoles, including the Sega Genesis and Super Nintendo Entertainment System. For this function to work, those with the service will need to download an emulator core.

Will Plex Arcade Be a Success?

As touched on above, the Plex Arcade doesn’t seek to conform to modern-day perceptions of what game-related streaming services should offer. Of course, its contemporaries, such as Microsoft’s Project xCloud and PS Now, center their attention around allowing subscribers to play the latest titles, like Darksiders III, Horizon Zero Dawn, The Surge 2, and plenty more. As such, it’s a brave move from Plex to explore a different avenue, but it undoubtedly may pay dividends. At the time of writing, old-school game streaming services are rare, and few offer the same compatibility as the Plex development.

Retro Gaming

Although retro gaming is no longer at the forefront of the industry, the genre appears to be enjoying something of a comeback. Interestingly, the online casino industry indicates how successful the Arcade could be. At the promotion-offering platforms highlighted at, many of the no-deposit operators embrace old-school casino themes. At LeoVegas, for example, which offers 50 no-deposit spins on Book of Dead, users can play Retro Reels. The Microgaming development seeks to strip the aesthetics of slots back to their roots. The five-reel format is traditional in style and features well-known symbols. Ultimately, its nostalgic feel has spearheaded its success, and that could also provide the key to securing Plex Arcade’s longevity in an ever-competitive market.

A Breakthrough for Retro Gaming Fans

At the time of writing, old-school gaming is undoubtedly enjoying a revival, but its long-term success relies on sustained accessibility. Because of that, there’s no reason that Plex Arcade can’t be a market leader. Should their subscription service captivate audiences with emulators and ROMs, streaming could provide the route to user-friendly nostalgic gaming alternatives for years to come.

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