Portable VS. Stationery Three-Phase Generator

Portable VS. Stationery Three-Phase Generator: Which is better?

Power is absolutely necessary for industrial and commercial operations. A sudden power failure will potentially handicap the running of your machines, equipment, and other business operations. On the other hand, choosing the right three-phase generator for your industrial and commercial activities will keep your businPortable VS. Stationery Three-Phase Generatoress running consistently and help you get rid of your helpless dependence on 24 hours availability of electricity.

Meanwhile, there are two common three-phase generators used all around the globe including, portable and stationary generators. However, people are puzzled by their differences and wonder which is the best one to choose for industrial uses. Therefore, this article will be discussing these two types of three-phase generators, as well as which one is better. Continue ready to learn more.

Three-Phase Generator

Portable VS. Stationary Three-Phase Generators: What Are They?

A portable three-phase generator can be taken anyplace and is ideal for events and site construction. Contrariwise, a stationary three-phase generator is appropriate for standalone structures and is suitable for various applications. 

Before delving into the comparison between portable and stationary three-phase generators, let’s first establish a basic understanding of a three-phase alternator. A three-phase generator produces AC stator output with three coil winding designs. And each winding has a separate current phase, which refers to three currents with three phases. Three-phase alternators provide a higher voltage value at a lower cost and compact height and width dimensions. Besides, the three-phase alternators are used in a wide range of industries due to their high-efficiency AC power production with minimal temperature rise and dynamic performance.   

Portable VS. Stationary Three-Phase Generators: Similarities

These two types of three-phase generators share very brief similarities as they are suited for different types of applications, and they are all used to meet the users’ requirements. 

  • The core similarity between these two types of three-phase generators is they are both used for converting mechanical fuel energy into electrical energy via a three coil winding design.
  • Both can be powered by diesel. However, portable units can also run on gasoline.
Portable VS. Stationary Three-Phase Generators

Portable VS. Stationary Three-Phase Generators: Differences

Compared to the similarities, the differences between them are quite numerous.

  • Portable generators are not designed for permanent installation hence have compact height and width dimensions, making them suitable for residential, recreational, and construction applications. In contrast, stationary generators are designed to meet large power requirements of industrial and commercial activities.
  • Furthermore, the power output of both differs vastly, with the low power output of portable units ranging from 1kVA to 16kVA and the high power output of stationary generators ranging from 15kVA to 4200kVA, depending on the model.
  • Portable three-phase generators provide a run-time of fewer than 12 hours, whereas stationary three-phase generators can support a run-time of well-above 12 hours.
  • The stationary three-phase generator uses remote system monitoring and automatically supports maintenance. However, the portable one needs regular manual maintenance.
  • The soundproofing qualities of stationary units are straightforwardly unbeatable and cannot be compared as the insulation keeps the sound to a minimum. On the other hand, portable units do not have an arrangement for sound insulation and can get noisy during operation.


From the above discussion, we can easily conclude that stationary three-phase generators are quite obviously the superior choice among the two. They are better than portable units in terms of power output, design, and run-time, making them suitable for high-profile applications. At the same time, the stationary three-phase generators from EvoTec are the best you can get on the market since our generators can withstand extreme environments with enclosure characteristics of up to IP55 and provide high-efficiency and dynamic performance with compact outer dimensions and superior heat dissipation qualities, ideal for any industrial activity.

Established in 2011, EvoTec is a trusted manufacturer and global supplier of alternators/generators and develops the products using our own patented technology (more than 40 national patents) with a hundred percent safe operation. Their unique selling characteristics incorporate research & development, customized services, and ‘No Copy,’ meaning that they demand the freedom of the whole process from designing to manufacturing. Apart from that, they provide technical assistance to customers. Thus, if you have any inquires or are enthusiastic about their products, you can contact them at any time.

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