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Premium Coffee Brands to Experience At Least Once in a Lifetime

A finely brewed cup of coffee is probably one of the most loved beverages across the whole globe. The love for coffee is nothing less than a self-declared religion, and people often describe brewing and drinking coffee to be an experience in itself.

For those who enjoy a delicious cup of brew, different types of coffee and methods of brewing are like tools of art. While many people prefer a certain type of coffee, it is never a bad idea to take a sip of an unknown variety of coffee – especially when it is one of the most expensive brews in the world. There are some truly exquisite types of coffee beans that come at premium prices because of their scarce supply, unique taste, and strenuous process of producing.

Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee, Sumatra Coffee, and Peaberry Coffee are some of the most expensive brands of coffee in the world, and rightly so. While one can only comment on their premier nature after taking a sip, here is a brief description of each to fuel your desire for a delicious brew right now:

Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee

This coffee gets its name from the picturesque Jamaican Blue Mountains, where it is grown. The range of Blue Mountains is said to have ideal climate conditions for growing coffee. Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee takes approximately twice the amount of time to grow and mature, and each batch is hand-harvested and goes through strict quality standards before being processed.

Not only is the production process very time consuming and labor-intensive, but the supply of Blue Mountain coffee is also very less compared to the demand. This naturally makes it one of the most expensive coffees in the world people who appreciate its taste are willing to pay the premium price it comes at.

But what does Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee taste like?

Taking notes from where it is grown, the Blue Mountain coffee beans give the brew a neat taste with mild bitterness. The sweet floral and herbal aroma, along with a nutty taste, makes it a delicious brew when made right.

Sumatra Coffee

Grown on the heavenly island of Sumatra, this coffee is known amongst coffee lovers as a whole-bodied earthy flavored brew, making it one of the most unique coffees in the world. The tropical, hot and humid weather of Sumatra contributes to this exquisite taste of the beans along with the unique wet-hulling process of drying them. Since Sumatra does not have weather that allows the coffee to dry to its pick naturally, the beans are processed in a wet-hulling machine to achieve the desired taste.

What does Sumatra Coffee taste like?

Different batches of Sumatra coffee have different notes due to varying weather in the region. But coffee lovers have described it to have a distinct taste of:

  • Wild mushroom
  • Bell pepper
  • Spicy herbs
  • Balsamic vinegar
  • Peat/moss

Peaberry Coffee

Coffee berries generally have two beans or seeds which are packed flat against each other inside the fruit. Due to a genetic mutation, some berries develop only one seed, which grows to be a pea-shaped round bean. Coffee made from these pea-shaped single beans from berries is branded as Peaberry Coffee. Since there is no specific method or place where it is grown, Peaberry beans are picked out from all coffee productions by hand, and that is what makes it a very expensive coffee.

Apart from being a little hard and better roasted due to the round shape of the beans, a cup of Peaberry brew does not taste any different from a regular cup of coffee. But hey, you have to take a sip to know for yourself!

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